Arak bako


December 6, 2021

Arak Bako is a tradition of the bride's procession (Minang language: anak daro) in a wedding procession in Minangkabau, especially the Solok community. This tradition is held by the bako, which is a member of the female relative of the father's family of the daro child (which the bako calls the banana child). In the procession, the bako invites other members of the closest relatives in the bako's kinship line. Bako's procession is a form of expression of joy for the bako party for the banana child who is about to get married. They tell the whole community that their banana child will get married by bringing (maarak) anak daro from the mother's house bako to the banana child's parents' house while carrying gifts on top of their heads. This tradition reflects an egalitarian life system that has been passed down from generation to generation. still preserved by the people of Solok.

Meaning of the word

The term Arak Bako is formed by two words, namely 'arak' and 'bako'. 'Arak' is a type of verb meaning "procession". This word can be added with the affix 'ma-' (to be maarak) which means to carry and the suffix 'ba-' (to be bararak) which means to march or parade. Bako is a type of noun which means a relative from the father's side. Anak daro who is carrying out a wedding procession is called by the bako as a banana child. The kinship relationship between the induak bako and the banana child is a kinship bond that was built because of the marriage relationship. The children the result of a man's marriage with another woman outside his tribe will be seen as a banana child by the man's sister. Meanwhile, the children of his brother view his father's sister as the mother of bako. the father will be seen as bako by the child.

Series of events

A female relative from the father's family (bako) first picks up the daro child from his parents' house. At the bako's main house, the bako wears clothes for the procession to the daro children. After that, the bako performs the anak daro procession from the main bako's house to the child's house. The people involved in the Bako Arak tradition are the bako from the anak daro. The bako party includes the closest bako parent, which is a bit far away, it can even be limited to the closest neighbor relationship from the bako parent's house. The closest bako mother is the brother or sister of the family of the father of the son of Daro, while those who are a little further away can come from the wives of the brothers or sisters of the family of the father of the son of Daro. The more people who are invited, the more festive the Bako Arak is carried out, and the more respected the Bako's social status is in the community. The procession is carried out by walking on the side of the highway to form a long line. The very front position is occupied by the child of the daro. In some cases, anak daro can be accompanied by marapulai depending on discussions with the marapulai family. The position behind the anak daro is usually occupied by Tuo Arak Bako, a woman who is respected in the bako anak daro environment. In the third position and so on to the back is occupied by the Bako Anak Daro family. The further behind the position of the Bako Arak participants in the line, the more distant their kinship with the Bako, especially with Anak Daro. The Arak Bako delegation came to Anak Daro's house with some gifts for Anak Daro. Induak bako brings goods that are intended directly for the daro child. Meanwhile, other members of the Arak Bako troupe, whose number could reach hundreds, brought gifts and rice. These items were carried over the heads of the participants in the procession. After arriving at the house of the parents of the child, one of the women received all of the luggage in the courtyard of the child's house. After the handover process was carried out, each member of the Arak Bako group was treated to rice by the family of the daro child inside the party.

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