January 20, 2022

Basketball is a group ball sport consisting of two teams of five people each competing to score points by putting the ball into the opponent's basket. Basketball can be played on an open court, although professional matches are generally played in an enclosed space. The required match field is also relatively small, for example compared to football. In addition, basketball games are also more competitive because the tempo of the game tends to be faster when compared to other ball sports, such as volleyball and soccer. Basketball is one of the most popular sports by residents of the United States and residents in other parts of the world, including others in South America, Southern Europe, Lithuania, and also in Indonesia. Many basketball competitions are held every year, such as the British Basketball League (BBL) in England, the National Basketball Association (NBA) in America, and the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) in Indonesia. Basketball is a sport that demands a high VO2 max. With this exercise VO2 max can be increased which results in an increase of only around 25% from the initial training condition. From these exercises, the rest is determined by the physical potential that exists in each individual. Basketball is a sport with a longer rest period, so it can take advantage of recovery techniques appropriately.


In 1891, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian gym teacher who teaches a college for professional students at the YMCA (a Christian youth organization) in Springfield, Massachusetts, had to make an indoor game to pass the time the students had during their winter break at New England. Inspired by the game he had played as a child in Ontario, Naismith created the game now known as basketball on December 15, 1891. According to the story, after rejecting several ideas because they were deemed too harsh and unsuitable for playing in closed arenas, he then wrote some ground rules, posted a basket on the wall of the gym, and asked the students to start playing his game. Unlike modern basketball baskets, the baskets used at that time did not have holes, so the incoming ball had to be removed manually. Of course this was not efficient, so the bottom of the basket was punched to allow the ball to escape. The first official game was played at the YMCA gymnasium in Albany, New York, on January 20, 1892, with nine players. The game ends with a score of 1–0; and played on a court half the size of an NBA field. Frank Mahan, one of the first players of the game, approached Naismith, in early 1892, with the intention of asking Naismith the name of his new game. Naismith replied that he hadn't thought about it as he was focused on starting the game. Mahan suggested the name "Naismith ball", to which Naismith laughed, saying a name like that would kill the play of a game. Mahan then said, "Why not basketball (Basketball)?" Naismith replied, "we have a basket (basketball) and a ball, that would be a good name." Initially, each team consists of nine people and there is no dribble, so the ball can only move through the throw. The history of basketball rules begins with 13 basic rules written by James Naismith himself.

Court, time and number of basketball players

The basketball court is rectangular in shape with two standard sizes, namely 28.7 meters long and 15.2 meters wide for the National Basketball Association standards and 28 meters long and 15 meters wide for the International Basketball Federation standards. Three circles in a basketball court have a radius of 1.8 meters

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