August 12, 2022

Badminton or badminton (English: badminton) is a sport that uses a round tool with cavities in the bat. And has a handle. This tool is known as a racket which is played by two people (for singles) or two pairs (for doubles) against each other. Similar to tennis, badminton aims to hit the badminton game ball, namely the shuttlecock through the net so that it falls on the opponent's predetermined playing field and tries to prevent the opponent from doing the same.


The sport, played with shuttlecocks and rackets, probably developed in ancient Egypt about 2000 years ago but is also mentioned in India and the People's Republic of China. In China, there is a game called Jianzi, which involves using a shuttle but without a racket. Instead, the shuttle is manipulated with the feet. The object of the game is to keep the shuttle off the ground for as long as possible without using your hands. In England since medieval times a children's game called Battledores and Shuttlecocks was very popular. Children at that time would usually use paddles/sticks (Battledores) and tactics together to keep the shuttle in the air and prevent it from touching the ground. It was popular enough to become a daily nuance on the streets of London in 1854 when Punch magazine published a cartoon for it. The British brought the game to Japan, the People's Republic of China, and Siam (now Thailand) as they colonized Asia. This soon became children's play in their local area. The competitive sport of badminton was invented by British Army officers in Pune, India in the 19th century when they added nets and played them competitively. Since the city of Pune was previously known as Poona, the game was also known as Poona in those days. Soldiers brought the game back to England in the 1850s. The sport got its present name in 1860 in a pamphlet by Isaac Spratt, a British toy dealer, entitled "Badminton Battledore - a new game" ("Battledore badminton - a new game"). It depicts the game being played at the Badminton House, the Duke of Beaufort's estate in Gloucestershire, England. The first draft rules were written by the Bath Badminton Club in 1877. The British Badminton Association was formed in 1893 and its first international championship debuted in 1899 with the All England Championship. Badminton is becoming a popular sport in the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia, which currently dominates the sport, and in Scandinavian countries.


There are five parties that are usually played in badminton, namely: Men's singles Women's Singles Men's doubles women's doubles Mixed doubles

Field and net

The badminton court is rectangular and has the size as shown in the picture. The lines are 40 mm thick and must be in contrast to the color of the field. The suggested color for a dash is white or yellow. The court surface is recommended to be made of wood or a soft synthetic material. Field surfaces made of concrete or hard synthetic materials are not recommended because they can cause injury to players. A 1.55 m tall net is located in the middle of the field. The net must be dark in color except for the lip of the net which has a thickness of 75 mm which must be white.


Rackets Traditionally rackets are made of wood. Then aluminum or other light metal becomes the material of choice. Now, almost all professional badminton rackets are composed of carbon fiber composite (graphite reinforced plastic). Carbon fiber has great strength to weight ratio, is stiff, and provides great kinetic energy transfer. However, a number of m