On-network and off-network


January 20, 2022

In the network (acronym: online; English: online) and outside the network (acronym: offline; English: offline) have several specific meanings in the field of computer technology and telecommunications. In modern terms that usually refer to the connection or connection of the internet and computer networks, "online" refers to the state of the connected connection, while "offline" refers to the state of the disconnected connection. In less general terms, online can also be interpreted as a device or equipment that is connected to a system or is ready to be used. This concept has received an extension of meaning into the field of human interaction and conversation, while offline is used as opposed to activities that fulfill the concept of online (online). For example, discussions that occur during a business meeting can be described as "online", while issues that are not relevant to all meeting participants are carried out "offline", i.e. continued outside the meeting. Currently, the terms online and offline are increasingly experiencing an expansion of meaning. For example, in the world of learning, online is defined as teaching and learning activities through internet-based interactive methods such as the use of the Zoom Meetings application, Google Meet, and so on. On the other hand, the term offline learning is defined as conventional or face-to-face teaching and learning in class.

Equivalent Indonesian terms

Online: online, in the network, connected, connected, connect the net. Offline: offline, offline, disconnected, disconnected.

Standard definition

In computer and telecommunications technology, online and offline are defined by federal Standard 1037C. They define it as the state or condition of a "device or equipment" or of an "execution unit". To consider whether to be online, you must meet one of the device criteria: Under direct control of other devices Under the direct control of the related system Available for immediate use on demand by the system without human intervention Connected to the system, and in operation Functional and ready for service In contrast, a device that is offline does not meet any of these criteria (for example, the main power source is disconnected or disabled, otherwise called off-power).

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