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October 28, 2021

The public domain, public domain, public domain or public domain (English: public domain) are all creative and intellectual works that are not protected by exclusive intellectual property rights. Because it is not or is no longer protected by exclusive rights, the public can use it freely without having to ask anyone for permission. Works that enter the public domain are no longer owned by a particular individual or company. Creative or intellectual works protected by copyright include writings, books, works of art, music, science, and others. Works and inventions that are in the public domain are considered part of the public cultural heritage and everyone can use them without restrictions. In general, there are four reasons why a work can enter the public domain: The copyright of the work has expired. This can happen if the creator has died for a certain period of time determined by the laws of each country. The copyright owner of the work does not have a procedure for renewing the copyright. The copyright owner of the work intentionally dedicates his work to the public domain. This means that the copyright owner no longer has exclusive rights to his work. This type of work does not meet the requirements to be protected by copyright law, for example titles, names, short sentences, slogans, ideas, and unrealized works. In Indonesia, a copyrighted work can enter the public domain if the creator has died. world for a minimum of 70 years as stipulated in Law no. 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright. However, the copyright law in Indonesia still does not regulate in detail whether a person can release a copyrighted work before the protection period for his work ends.

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