Everything Tastes Better with Bacon


October 23, 2021

Everything Tastes Better with Bacon: 70 Fabulous Recipes for Every Meal of the Day is a cookbook with bacon written by Sara Perry. He is a writer, food critic, and columnist for The Oregonian newspaper. It was published in the United States on May 1, 2002, by Chronicle Books, and a French edition in 2004 by Les ditions de l'Homme in Montreal. In the book, Perry explains the original concept in the form of recipes for mixing sugar with bacon. The book also includes recipes for bacon and bacon-flavored dishes in the dessert. The book received positive reviews and its recipes were selected on The Best American Recipes 2003–2004 list. Newspaper of St. The Petersburg Times called it one of the "most interesting and unique cookbooks" ever published, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette highlighted it in its "Favorite Cookbooks for 2002" article and The Denver Post included it on its list of the best cookbooks of 2002. A review in the Toronto Star newspaper criticized Sara Perry's lack of creativity in her recipe choices. Background Sara Perry is a woman originally from Portland, Oregon, and is a columnist for The Oregonian newspaper, a radio restaurant reviewer and cookbook author. Prior to the publication of Everything Tastes Better with Bacon he had written four books: The New Complete Coffee Book, The New Tea Book, Christmastime Treats and Weekends with the Kids. His editor at Chronicle Books suggested bacon as a key ingredient in cookbooks. The popularity of bacon and its uses is increasing, but Perry believes the lack of recipes will make writing a book difficult. Remembering his fondness for honey-roasted ham, he mixes sugar and bacon in making the dish. Perry realized that bacon could be used as a condiment to flavor dishes, including salads and pasta. He observed that bacon added sweet and salty flavors to food. Everything Tastes Better with Bacon was published in English in paperback format by Chronicle Books on May 1, 2002. The book sold for US$18.95 in the first print. A French edition was later published in 2004 by Les Editions de l'Homme, as part of the "Tout un plat!" series.


Perry describes his feelings for bacon at the opening of his book, noting that the smell of bacon when it's cooked can help start the day and provide a sense of calm. At the opening of the book there is a background to the phrase "bringing home the bacon", an introduction to the types of bacon to the reader and an explanation of how to store it. The book features 70 recipes for bacon, in nine sections organized by topics, such as breakfast, leafy vegetables, pasta dishes, side dishes, party dishes, desserts and appetizers. Recipes include bacon sandwiches with other ingredients, crispy bacon sprinkles for ice cream, bacon mix and fruit chips, and pie crusts incorporating bacon. Methods used to cook bacon include cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, and grilling to maximize taste and appearance. This book is filled with photography by Sheri Giblin.


Everything Tastes Better with Bacon has been positively received by reviewers and culinary critics. The Chicago Tribune newspaper reported that it had sold 30,000 in its first month. Janet F. Keeler of the newspaper St. The Petersburg Times commented positively on the title of the book. He noted that the work was covered by culinary critics, who included the recipes in related articles. Keeler interviewed Fran McCullough, author of The Best American Recipes 2003–2004, who

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