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December 7, 2021

Garin Nugroho Riyanto, S.Sn., M.H. (born 6 June 1961) is an Indonesian film director, screenwriter and producer. Garin Nugroho's name became widely known after a film called Love in a Piece of Roti (1990). Then, his second film, Surat untuk Bidadari (1992) brought his name to the international film stage. Garin Nugroho also cares about environmental issues. This is at least reflected in his environmental-themed film, Under The Tree. He also founded a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called SET in 1987. The NGO aims to create a new language, create a spirit of creation, and create community. From this NGO, young directors were born, such as Riri Riza.


Garin Nugroho studied film at the Faculty of Film and Television majoring in Cinematography at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) and graduated in 1985. Apart from studying film, he also studied law at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (completed 1991).


In Indonesian cinema, Garin Nugroho started his career as a film critic and documentary filmmaker. He has completed at least twenty films (documentaries, short films and feature films). On Mozart's 250th Anniversary, he was selected as one of the world's six innovative directors to make the film which later gave birth to Opera Jawa. In the field of music, he has made video clips for January Christy, Titi DJ, Krakatau (music group), Katon Bagaskara, Paquita Widjaya, Edo Kondologit, and Gong 2000. One of his video clips, Negeri di Atas Awan (sung by Katon Bagaskara) , managed to get the Visia Trophy in the final of the Indonesian Music Video Period II 1994/1995.


Short Film

Carriage 1, 2, 3 (1985) Nocturno (2015) Long Movie Love in a Piece of Bread (1991) Letter to Angels (1994) The Moon Pierced by Weeds (1995) Leaves on a Pillow (1998) Unburied Poetry (2000) Live Screen: Tanjung Priok/Jakarta (2001) The Moon at Ujung Dahan (2002) (TV Movie) I Want To Kiss You Just Once (2002) We Miss You (2004) Porch (2005) Javanese Opera (2006) Under The Tree (2008) Blue Generation (2009) Blindfolded (2011) Soegija (2012) Cue (2013) Teacher of the Nation: Tjokroaminoto (2015) Aach... I'm In Love! (2016) Nyai (2016) Java Devil (2016) Kucumbu My Beautiful Body (2019) 99 Names of Love (2019) A Perfect Fit (2021) Love Poems That Kill (2021) President's Bike (2021)

Documentary Film

Applause (1986) Distilling the Future (1988) Land of Challenges in East Nusa Tenggara (1989) Komodo Gems Ancient Water and Romi (1992) The Mouse Deer for Independence (1995) My Film, My Family, and My Nation (1998) Mr. Naim and his Dream House Waterfront (2001) Aikon A Cultural Map (2004) Trilogy Politics (2004) Transparency International Indonesia (2007) Teak Leaves and The Temple (2007)


Power & Entertainment (1995) Reading Garin's Movies (2002) Education really is Multicultural: Some Idea (2002) Public TV: Initiating Democratic Media in Indonesia (2002) And the Moon Dance: The Film of Garin (2004) SBY's Soap Opera: Television and Political Communication (2004) Leader of Change: PR for the President of the Republic of Indonesia 2005-2009 (2004) The Art of Seducing the Masses (2005) Republic Without Public Space (2005) Stories from Aceh (2005) SBY Superhero (2009) Indonesian Film Crisis and Paradox (2015) Country Melodrama (2019) Memoirs of Garin Nugroho: The Golden Era of Indonesian Film 1998-2019 (2020)



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