Friedrich Wilhelm von Haugwitz


May 22, 2022

Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Haugwitz (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Haugwitz), Czech: Fridrich Vilém Haugwitz; 11 December 1702, Electorate of Saxony – 30 August 1765, Deutsch Knönitz (Czech: Miroslavské Knínice), Moravian Habsburg) was an Austrian statesman during the reign of Maria Theresia. He is also one of his main advisors. Haugwitz is a figure who is credited with centralizing the government of the Habsburg Monarchy.


In the summer of 1765, he moved to one of his castles in Miroslavské Knínice, and then his health deteriorated due to dysentery. Then he died on August 30, 1765. His body was transferred to Náměšť nad Oslavou and then buried in the crypt of the Church of Saint John the Baptist on September 1, 1765.