Hambit Bintih


January 20, 2022

Drs. Hambit Bintih, M.M. (12 February 1958 – 23 August 2016) was the Regent of Gunung Mas who served from 2008-2013 and was re-elected for the second time in the General Election of Regional Head (Pemilukada) of Gunung Mas Regency which was held on 4 September 2013. Hambit was elected as Regent of Gunung Mas for the second period followed by his determination as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission in the alleged bribery case of the Gunung Mas Regional Head Election at the Constitutional Court (MK). Hambit's name is in the news because he will be sworn in as Regent of Gunung Mas by the Minister of Home Affairs, Gamawan Fauzi, even though his status is already a suspect. Prior to becoming a regent, he served as Head of the Palangka Raya City Revenue Service. He was also the Deputy Regent of Gunung Mas.


Tumbang Kajuei State Elementary School (1970) SMP Negeri 2 Palangka Raya (1973) SMA Negeri 1 Palangka Raya (1976) Faculty of Economics, University of Palangka Raya (1982) Master of Management University Dr. Soetomo Surabaya (2002)

Work and organization


Head of Reporting Arrangement of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) of the Palangka Raya Municipality in 1982 Head of the Palangka Raya Municipal Revenue Service (1998) Head of Mining and Energy Office of Palangka Raya Municipality (2000) Deputy Regent of Gunung Mas (2003-2008) Regent of Gunung Mas (2008-2013; 2013)


Chairperson of the Banjarmasin Synod Assembly Head of LAN-HAM Gunung Mas Chairman of the Gunung Mas Dayak Customary Council Chairman of the PDIP Gunung Mas


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Profile on the official website of Gunung Mas Regency. Archived 2013-12-16 at the Wayback Machine. News on Compass

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