Teacher's Day


December 7, 2021

Teacher's Day is a day to show appreciation for teachers, and is celebrated on different dates depending on the country. In some countries, Teacher's Day is a school holiday.

Teacher's Day in different countries


United States: First Sunday in May (Teacher Appreciation Week). Argentina: September 11 The anniversary of the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, an Argentine educator and politician. Brazil: October 15 (since 1963) It was first celebrated in 1947 in São Paulo by a number of teachers from a small school. October 15 was agreed as teachers day because on that date, Dom Pedro I approved the decree on the realignment of elementary schools in Brazil. Chile: October 16 In 1974, December 10 was agreed as teachers day because the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral received the Nobel Prize on December 10, 1945 Since 1977, Teacher's Day has been changed to October 16 to commemorate the founding of the Chilean Institute of Teachers (Colegio de Professores de Chile).Mexico: May 15 (since 1918) Peru: July 6 (since 1953) Freedom fighter José de San Martín founded public schools for boys after José Bernardo de Tagle passed an education resolution on July 6, 1822.


Philippines: October 5 The observance of Teacher's Day (Tangalog: Araw ng mga Guro) is set for October 5 based on Presidential Order No. 479. However, teachers' day is usually celebrated in primary and secondary schools around September and October. Hong Kong: 10 September (until 1997: 28 September) India: September 5th, the birthday of the President of India, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who is also a teacher is designated as teachers day. In schools, celebrations are held, and the most senior students play the role of teachers. Indonesia: 25 November National Teacher's Day is commemorated with the anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI). National Teacher's Day is not an official holiday, and is celebrated in the form of memorial services in schools and the giving of honors to teachers, principals, and school supervisors. Teachers in Indonesia are considered as unsung heroes. National Teacher's Day was established by President Soeharto on November 25, 1994, with a Presidential Decree, namely Presidential Decree No. 78 of 1994 concerning National Teacher's Day. Iran: 2 May Commemoration of Morteza Motahari's death as a martyr on 2 May 1979. South Korea: 15 May Teacher's day has been celebrated since 1963 in Seoul, and since 1964 in Chuncheon city. The celebration was started by a group of youth Red Cross members visiting sick teachers in the hospital. National Teacher's Day celebrations were not held from 1973 to 1982, and only resumed since 1983. Teachers received gifts of carnations. Tanah Melayu received the curriculum design from the Report of the Office of the Power of Education. Pakistan: 5 October China: September 10 Students usually give gifts in return for teachers, such as greeting cards and flowers. Singapore: September 1 (school holiday) Celebrations take place the day before, and students are sent home early. Taiwan: September 28 (Confucius' birthday) ) Thailand: January 16 (since 1957) Turkey: 24 November (since 1981) Vietnam:20 November School holidays to visit teachers and former teachers in their respective homes.


Albania: March 7 Czech: March 28 Russia: October 5 Since 1994, teachers' day has been celebrated on October 5 to coincide with World Teachers' Day. From 1965 to 1993, Teacher's Day was celebrated on the first Sunday in October. Poland: October 14


The last Friday of October is celebrated as World Teacher's Day in Australia.


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