Constitution Day


August 12, 2022

Constitution Day is a holiday to honor the constitution of a country. Constitution Day is usually celebrated on the anniversary of the signing, promulgation or adoption of the constitution, or to celebrate the change to a constitutional monarchy: Abkhazia, November 26 (1994). See Constitution of Abkhazia, Public holidays in Abkhazia. Andorra, March 14 (1993). See the Constitution of Andorra. Armenia, July 5 (1995). See Public holidays in Armenia. Australia, 9 July (1900). See the Australian Constitution. Not a public holiday Azerbaijan, November 12 (1995). See Public holidays in Azerbaijan. Belarus, March 15 (1994). See Public holidays in Belarus. Belgium, November 15. Dag van de Dynastie – Jour de la Dynastie (Dynasty Day) Brazil, November 15 (1889). Dia da Proclamação da República (Republic Day) Cambodia, September 24 (1993?). See Public holidays in Cambodia. Cook Islands, August 4 (1965). Te Maevea Nui Celebrations. See Cook Islands#Cook Islands Political and Public Holidays#Constitution. Denmark, June 5 (1849, 1953). See Constitution Day (Denmark). Dominican Republic, November 6 (1844). See History of the Dominican Republic. Faroe Islands, June 5 Federation of Micronesia, May 10 (1979). Germany, May 23 (1949). See the Basic Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Not a public holiday Gibraltar, January 29 (2006). See the 2006 Constitution of Gibraltar. India, November 26 (1949). The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November. Celebrated all over India. Not a public holiday. Indonesia, August 18 (1945). Not a public holiday. Ireland, December 29 (1937). Not a public holiday. Italy, January 1 (1948). Japan, May 3 (1947). See Constitution Memorial Day, Constitution of Japan. Kazakhstan, August 30 Kyrgyzstan, May 5 (1993). See the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan. Lithuania, October 25 (1992). See Constitution of Lithuania. Marshall Islands, May 1 (1979). See Compact of Free Association. Mexico, February 5 (1917). See the Mexican Constitution. Mongolia, November 26 (1924). Mongolia adopted its constitution as a People's Republic. Netherlands, December 15. Koninkrijksdag Niue, October 19 (1974). See the 1974 Niue Constitution Act (New Zealand). Norway, May 17 (1814). See Norwegian Constitution Day. Pakistan, August 13 (1973). See the 1973 Constitution Poland, May 3 (1791). See Constitution of May 3, 1791. Puerto Rico, July 25 (1952). See the Constitution of Puerto Rico, Holidays in Puerto Rico. Also celebrated as Occupation Day (1898). Romania, December 8 (1991). See Holidays in Romania. Russia, December 12 (1993). Not a public holiday since 2005. Serbia, February 15 (1835). See Serbia#Holidays. Slovakia, September 1 (1992). See National holidays in Slovakia. South Korea, July 17 (1948). See Constitution Day (South Korea). Spain, December 6 (1978). See Spanish Constitution 1978. Sweden, June 6 (1809, 1974). See Government Instruments (1809). Also known as Swedish Flag Day. Officially includes a national holiday in Sweden. Republic of China, December 25 (1946). See Constitution of the Republic of China, Holidays in Taiwan. Tajikistan, November 6 (1994). See Public holidays in Tajikistan. Thailand, December 10 (1932). See Public holidays in Thailand. Ukraine, June 28 (1996). See Public holidays in Ukraine. United States, September 17 (1787). See Constitution Day (United States). Uruguay, July 18 (1830). Jura de la Constitución de la República Oriental del Uruguay. See the Uruguayan Constitution. Uzbekistan, December 8 (1992). Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan Vanuatu, October 5 (1979). View the Constitution of Vanuatu

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