Hari Santo Knud


January 20, 2022

Saint Knud's Day or tjugondedag jul (pronounced: syugondag yul) or nuutinpäivä, is a traditional celebration celebrated in Sweden and Finland every year on January 13. It is not celebrated in Denmark, although it bears the name of a Danish prince, Knud Levard, and is later also associated with the prince's uncle, Knud the Saint, a patron saint of Denmark. On this day, the Christmas trees are uprooted and the cakes and candies that decorate the Christmas tree are eaten.


Knud Levard was a duke (a type of aristocrat) from Denmark who was assassinated by his cousin and opponent, Magnus Nilsson, on January 7, 1131, so that Magnus could usurp the throne of Denmark. After his death, a civil war broke out, for which Knud was declared a saint. Then, January 7th became Saint Cnud's Day, a name day. Because Knud's name day coincides with the Day of Apparitions, sometimes St. Cnud's Day and the Day of Apparitions are considered to be of the same degree. In 1680, Saint Knud's Day was moved to January 13, and became known as Tjugondag Knut or Tjudondedag Jul.


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