Hubertus Leteng


August 12, 2022

Mgr. Hubertus Leteng (1 January 1959 – 31 July 2022) was the Emeritus Bishop of Ruteng who had presided from 7 November 2009 until his resignation was accepted on 11 October 2017. Background Leteng completed his basic education at SDK St Nicolaus, Taga, Manggarai in 1973. After that, he continued his education at St Pius XII Seminary, Kisol, Manggarai. After graduating from the first seminary in 1976, he continued to the St Pius XII Intermediate Seminary, Kisol until he graduated in 1979. Between 1982–1984, Leteng continued his philosophy studies at STFK Ledalero Maumere in Sikka Regency, central Flores Island. After running the Year of Pastoral Orientation (TOP) at the Pius XII Kisol Seminary until 1986, he then continued his theological studies at the Catholic Philosophy College (STFK) Ledalero Maumere from 1986 to 1988.


Leteng was ordained a priest in the diocese of Ruteng Diocese on July 29, 1988 in Gelora Samador, Maumere. He then continued his education at the Teresianum University in Rome between 1992 and 1996, and after that he returned to Indonesia as a teaching staff at STF Ledalero Maumere. Since 2009, he has been a Praeses of St. Petrus Ritapiret.Mgr. Leteng was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as Bishop of Ruteng on 7 November 2009, replacing Mgr. Eduardus Sangsun, S.V.D. who died on 13 October 2008, after nearly two decades of pastoral work in the diocese since 1985. He chose the motto "You Are All Brothers". The Bishop of Maumere, Gerulfus Kherubim Pareira, S.V.D. became the Main Ordained, with the accompanying ordinations being the Archbishop of Ende, Vincentius Sensi Potokota and the Bishop of Manokwari-Sorong, Datus Hilarion Lega. The dedication took place on April 14, 2010 at Motang Rua Square, which is located in the heart of Ruteng City, the capital of Manggarai Regency. Paschal Bruno Syukur, O.F.M. when he was ordained as Bishop of Bogor.

Controversy and resignation

In 2014, he was petitioned to be dismissed as bishop. This is related to an accusation about various things against him. A response was then issued through the Vicar General of the Diocese stating that the allegations were not true. In mid-2017, a number of priests and laymen filed a demand that Mgr. Leteng resigned as Bishop of Ruteng. This is related to the alleged misuse of church funds of around 1.6 billion Rupiah and allegations of infidelity. The priests in Ruteng Diocese tried to meet Mgr. Leteng on June 12, 2017, but it didn't happen. Mgr. Leteng then explained some of the problems that occurred within the diocese and wanted them to be fixed together. On August 10 2017, Mgr. Antonius Subianto Bunjamin, O.S.C., Bishop of Bandung and Secretary General of the Indonesian Bishops' Conference was appointed Apostolic Visitor for Ruteng Diocese. On October 11, 2017, the Holy See accepted the resignation of Mgr. Leteng as Bishop of Ruteng. At the same time, Mgr. Silvester Tung Kiem San, Bishop of Denpasar, was appointed apostolic administrator. Mgr. Leteng is out of the norm of the retirement age limit, which is 75 years.


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