International Standard Serial Number


November 28, 2021

International Standard Serial Number - ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique number used to identify periodical publications in print or electronic media. This identification number is similar to the ISBN assigned to books.

ISSN Publishers in Indonesia

The Center for Scientific Documentation and Information (PDII) LIPI is the publisher of the ISSN National Center for Indonesia, and has the duty and authority to monitor all periodicals published in Indonesia. As part of this responsibility, PDII publishes an ISSN which is a unique identifier for each periodical that is globally applicable. ISSN is provided by [ISDS] (International Serial Data System) based in Paris, France. ISSN was adopted as an implementation of ISO-3297 in 1975 by Subcommittee no. 9 of the Technical Committee no. 46 of ISO (TC 46/SC 9). ISDS delegates ISSN grants both regionally and nationally. For the Asian region, the focus is on the Thai National Library, Bangkok, Thailand. PDII LIPI is the only ISSN National Center for Indonesia. As of April 1, 2008, the entire registration process to the issuance of ISSN in Indonesia has been carried out fully electronically through the ISSN Online site managed by PDII LIPI. With this system, ISSN management is easier, cheaper and more transparent. Moreover, this system provides additional facilities in the form of an online barcode generator that can be used to generate ISSN barcodes without the need for expensive software. This facility is the first in the world to be integrated with ISSN management.

ISSN number and barcode

Similar to ISBN, the bar code for ISSN uses EAN-13 which consists of 13 digits. But the ISSN number consists of a combination of 8 digits and the letter X. But the unique number as an ISSN identification is only the first 7 digits, while the last X number / letter is the ISSN check character. While the ISSN bar code uses the EAN-13 standard which consists of a combination of 13 numbers and the letter X, marked with the first 3 digits 977 followed by the first 7 digits of the ISSN number, 2 additional digits for the issuance code and 1 EAN-13 check character. How to understand the ISSN number and its barcode can be read on the manual page on ISSN Online.


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