November 28, 2021

Islam (Arabic: الإسلام, translit. al-islām‎, listen) is one of the religions of the religious group accepted by a prophet (heavenly religion) that teaches uncompromising monotheism, faith in revelation, faith in the end times, and responsibility. . Along with the followers of Judaism and Christianity, all Muslims – followers of Islam – are descendants of Abraham. Islam is embraced by nearly 2 billion people or more than 1.8 billion people worldwide (to be more precise, 1.9 billion people) making it the second largest religion after Christianity.


The word Islam comes from the Arabic aslama-yuslimu with the following semantic meanings: submit and obey (khadha'a wa istaslama), surrender, surrender, surrender (sallama), follow (atba'a), fulfill, convey (addā), enter into peace, safety, or purity (dakhala fi al-salm au al-silm au al-salām). From other terms with the same root, "islām" is closely related to the meaning of salvation, peace, and purity. In terms, Islam means surrender; submission and obedience to Allah's commands and surrender and accept with satisfaction to His provisions and laws. The notion of "surrender" in Islam to God is not a term for fatalism, but as the opposite of a heavy heart in following religious teachings and prefers to choose the easy way in life. A Muslim follows Allah's commands without opposing or questioning them, but with an effort to understand the wisdom. Islam is actually also used to refer to monotheistic beliefs shared by the divine religions (currently Judaism and Christianity); see QS al-Maidah verse 44, QS Ali Imran verses 67 and 52. However, Islam is more popularly used for the religion brought by Muhammad as contained in a verse of the Qur'an that was revealed at the end of his prophethood: Islam can also be called faith, millah, and sharia in the sense that it is a rule revealed by Allah through messengers which includes beliefs, beliefs, adab, morals, commands, and prohibitions. Islam based on the obligation to surrender and fulfill its teachings is called Islam; if seen based on belief in Allah and what He sent down, it is called faith; because Islam is dictatorial and documented, it is called millah; and because the source of the law is Allah, it is called sharia. Islam is a belief and a comprehensive way of life. Islam teaches a clear understanding of man's relationship with Allah (where we come from), the purpose of life (why we are here), and the direction after life (where we are going). A Muslim is a person who embraces the teachings of Islam by proclaiming his testimony of the oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Muhammad.

God in Islam

For more information, see Allah (Islam). Allah, according to Islamic teachings, is the only God worthy of worship, has the best names, and has the highest attributes and character. The teaching of Islamic monotheism is called monotheism, which is defined as the oneness of Allah in the things that are specific to God and which He requires. The oneness of Allah in matters of the specificity of God is divided into two sections: monotheism rububiyah and monotheism of asthma' wash-shifat, while the oneness of Allah in matters that He requires is discussed in monotheism uluhiyah.

Tawhid (Monotheism)

In monotheism rububiyah, Allah is recognized as the only Rabb (the Master), so that all other than Allah are 'abd (servants / slaves / controlled). Allah is the Sovereign Lord in the creation, administration, and kingdom of the universe. Allah as the only Creator is also the One who provides sustenance, who gives life, who causes death, and who gives benefits and dangers. God takes care of everything; all the affairs which He handles are good; and Allah is almighty

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