Hayam Wuruk Street


August 12, 2022

Jalan Hayam Wuruk (formerly Molenvliet Oost, translation: "Molenvliet Timur") is the name of a street in Jakarta that connects Kota Tua Jakarta and Kota Baru. In the middle of the road flows Ciiiwung River. This road was built in 1648 by the community leader Phoa Beng Gan. Molenvliet Oost means the road on the east side of the river. From Noordwijk there was no access to this road because it was still filled with private settlements (1800). Along the road stand many buildings such as Beynon's house, the Ernst Hotel, and van der Parra's estate.


Bus Line The following are bus routes that serve Jl. Hayam Wuruk Kopaja B86 Lebak Bulus-Kota Mayasari Bakti AC33 Kota-Poris Plawad PPD P02 Cililitan-Kota PPD P157 Monday-Poris Plawad (via Grogol) Transjakarta Corridor 1, 2, 3 and 8 APTB AC54 City-CiputatRailway MRT Jakarta North-South Line Phase 2 (HI-Ancol Barat Roundabout) (under construction). There are two stations, namely: Big Mango Station. Glodok Station, in front of Harco Glodok