white people


December 6, 2021

White people or Caucasian people is a term that usually refers to humans who are characterized, at least in part, by white skin pigmentation. However, rather than a straightforward description of skin color, the term white refers more to a specific ethnic group and functions more as a metaphor for a "human race." "White people" are also sometimes called "Caucasians." The most frequently used definition of "white person" is one who has the appearance of a distinctly European ancestry. However, the definition of "white people" varies according to geographical and historical context, and a number of concepts of the color white have an impact on national identity, consanguinity, public policy, religion, population statistics, racial segregation/consensus measures, eugenics, racial marginalization, and quotas. racial. This concept has been applied with varying degrees of formality and internal consistency in various disciplines, such as sociology, politics, genetics, biology, medicine, biomedicine, language, culture, and law.

History of the term

The notion of "white people" or "white race" as a population group as distinguished from "people of color" emerged in the 17th century. However, pragmatic descriptions of human groups as "white" with reference to their skin color are much earlier and are found in ancient Greek and Roman ethnographic manuscripts as well as other ancient sources.



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