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October 28, 2021

The League of Nations (LBB) is an international organization founded after the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, to be precise on 10 January 1920. Its main functions include disarming, preventing war through collective security, resolving conflicts between states through negotiation and diplomacy, and improve global welfare. The idea to establish the LBB was sparked by the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, although the US itself never joined this organization. A total of 42 countries became members when the League was founded. 23 of them remained as members until the LBB was dissolved in 1945. Between 1920-1937, 21 countries became members, but seven of these twenty-one additional members later withdrew (some were expelled) before 1945. The League of Nations has no armed forces and relies on international powers to keep its resolutions adhered to. Despite initially showing success in carrying out their duties, the LBB ultimately failed to prevent the various Axis Powers' attacks in the 1930s. The advent of World War II again made it clear that the LBB had failed in its task of preventing the outbreak of war. After World War II, on April 18, 1945, the LBB was officially dissolved and replaced by the United Nations (UN).


Ensure world peace; Eliminate war; Open diplomacy; Comply with international laws and treaties.

LBB agencies

General Assembly. Security Council. Permanent Secretariat. ILO (International Labor Organization). International Court of Justice.

Results achieved by LBB

The problem of the Aland Islands, Finland. Wilna Problem, Lithuania. The problem of Mosul, Turkey. The Manchurian Problem, China. The problem of Abessynia, Ethiopia.

The reasons for the disbandment of LBB

There are no binding regulations and everything is done voluntarily; LBB does not have real power tools to take action against countries that violate; The LBB sided with the big countries; There was a shift in goals from peace issues to political issues. Due to its failure in carrying out its duties, the LBB was changed to PBB on October 24, 1945 in San Francisco, USA.

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