October 28, 2021

Montreal ( ( listen) mun-TREE-awl; officially Montréal, French: [mɔ̃ʁeal] ( listen)) is the second largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. In addition, Montreal is also one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world. The city is located in the southwest area of ​​Quebec and has a population of 1,584,590 while the Greater Montreal Area had a population of 3,640,000 in 2005. The surrounding cities include New York City, Boston, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Toronto. The city's exact location is on the Island of Montreal, the area of ​​the Saint Lawrence River and the Ottawa River. The harbor is located on the route that connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. The city's name is taken from Mount Royal.


Early archaeological discoveries in Europe arrived here 2000 years ago, there were North American nomads in this life. Around 1000 AD, the natives started growing corn and erecting fortifications for the next few hundred years. French explorer Jacques Cartier sailed to the Bay of St. Lawrence in 1535 and went to the Saint Lawrence River. He discovered Montreal and named Mount Royal (French: Mont Royal, IPA: [mɔ̃ aˈjal]), after which Montréal was named. Twenty years later, French explorer Samuel de Champlain reported that the cause of the St. Lawrence Iroquois and their settlements was disappearing, a phenomenon probably due to migration, infectious diseases carried by Europeans and tribal wars. 1611, Champlain on the island of Montreal to establish a fur trading post and named this area as La Place Royale, which means royal land. In 1639, Jerome Roy was awarded the title Manor of the Island of Montreal in the name of the Church of the Virgin of Montreal, and began to establish a church on the island to preach the gospel to the indigenous people. On May 17, 1642, the French established a colony in this area. In 1689, the Iroquois coalition, allied with England, attacked Racine and carried out the most brutal massacre in the history of New France. Montreal soon became the center of the French colony's fur trade. To encourage the French to settle here, St Sobi would ask the Mohawks to move from the fur trading station and persuade them to build a new settlement on the spot where they used to hunt, Kanisatak today. As part of New France, Montreal remained a French colony until the Seven Years' War, after changing hands to England. Since then, opposition to the independence of the United States' 13th continent has flooded Montreal, and Britain's population has grown rapidly. The fur trade culminated with the establishment of a local northwest company and was nearly able to compete with the Hudson Bay Company in the west. In 1832, Montreal gained city status. The opening of the Lachine Canal made it unnecessary for ships to pass through the Lachine rapids unloaded. The Victoria Bridge, which was built at the same time, connects Montreal and St. Lambert on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River, made Montreal an important rail hub. In 1850, Montreal became the largest city in British North America and an undisputed economic and cultural center. Between 1844 and 1849, Montreal was the provincial capital of Canada, but lost its status after royalists burned down the parliament building. For many strategic reasons, the government moved the capital to Ottawa, which is more inland. After World War I, the United States passed the Order of Prohibition, and large numbers of Americans came to Montreal in search of alcoholic beverages. During this period, the unemployment rate in Montreal remained high, and the Wall Street stock market crash and the Great Depression of 1929 exacerbated the situation. During World War II, Mayor Cameron Hood protested the conscription system and asked Montreal residents to ignore federal government registration for everyone. Ottawa authorities were outraged by this move, and Hood was included

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