October 28, 2021

Noah (Arabic: , transliterated Nūḥ‎, Hebrew: , Modern Nōaẖ Tiberias Nōaḥ) is a character in the Qur'an, the Bible, and the Tanakh. His name is mentioned 43 times in 28 suras in the Qur'an and 58 times in 48 verses in 9 books of the New Translation of the Bible. In Islam, Noah is included in the list of 25 prophets and is third after Adam and Idris. The Bible says that humans had sinned a lot in the time of Noah. God then punished them by bringing a great flood, while Noah, whom God had previously commanded to build the ark, was finally saved.



Noah's name comes from the Hebrew , (Nōăḥ), which means "to perch", "to rest", "to rest", or "to rest" (2 Kings 2:15; Lamentations 5:5; Deuteronomy 5:14). The meaning of the name Noah according to its origin is "sabbath", "rest", and "comfort".


In the Qur'an (Islamic holy book), Noah's name is mentioned 43 times and his story is contained in Surah Al-A'raf (7): 59-64, Yunus (10): 71-73, Hud (11): 25 -49, Al-Anbiya' (21): 76-77, Al-Mu'minun (23): 23-30, Ash-Syu'ara' (26): 105-122, Al-Ankabut (29): 14 -15, Ash-Shaffat (37): 75-82, Al-Qamar (54): 9-17, and Noah (71). In the Tanakh (Jewish scriptures) and the Bible (Christian scriptures), the story of Noah is contained in the Book of Genesis (Beresyit) chapters 6-9. In addition to biblical sources, the story of Noah is also found in the history of hadith and Rabbinic literature. Despite having the same core, there are some differences between the story of Noah in the Qur'an and the Bible. The story of Noah in the Qur'an places more emphasis on Noah's call to his people who denied Allah, while the Bible focuses on the flood event. Background The Bible says that Noah was the ninth descendant of Adam. The details of their names and ages are: Adam had a son named Set/Syits when he was 130 years old Set had a son named Enos when he was 150 years old Enos had a son named Kenan when he was 90 years old Kenan had a son named Mahalaleel when he was 70 years old Mahalaleel had a son named Jared when he was 65 years old Jared had a son named Enoch when he was 162 years old Enoch had a son named Methuselah when he was 65 years old. Enoch is often seen as Prophet Idris in Islamic sources. Methuselah had a son named Lamech when he was 187 years old Lamech had a son named Noah when he was 182 years old. According to the age calculation in the Bible, Adam was still alive for several years after Lamech (Noah's father) was born. The Qur'an does not speak of Noah's lineage, but it is mentioned in a hadith that Adam and Noah were ten qarns apart. Some interpret that the meaning of this qarn is generation which means that Adam and Noah are 10 generations apart. Another opinion states that qarn is a century, which means that Adam and Noah are 10 centuries apart.


Scholars differ regarding the age of Noah when he was appointed as an apostle. Some say at the age of fifty years, some say at the age of 350 years. Another opinion states that at the age of 480 years. It is mentioned in the Qur'an that Noah's people worshiped idols and Noah was sent to bring them back to the way of Allah. Noah preached day and night, using secret methods, then openly, then both methods at once. They worshiped idols named Wadd, Suwa', Yaghuts, Ya'uq, and Nasr. Ibn Jarir ath-Tabari mentions that the names of the idols were taken from the names of pious people who lived in the period between Adam and Noah. After they died, his followers made their statues so that they could be more solemn in worship when they saw the statues. After their followers died, the demons instigated the next generation by claiming that their parents used to worship the statues. Finally the generation of children who follow the pious people actually

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