1992 Summer Olympics


August 12, 2022

The 25th Summer Olympics were held in 1992 in Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, Spain. The hometown of IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch was elected after beating Amsterdam, Belgrado, Birmingham, Brisbane and Paris. Indonesia won its first gold medal in Olympic history through badminton.


The sports competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics were as follows:

1992 Barcelona Olympics Facts

Professional players are allowed to play basketball for the first time; As a result, the United States Dream Team won the gold medal with ease. South Africa participated for the first time since 1960. Due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania participated as independent nations for the first time since 1936. Other Soviet countries participated as United Teams. The breakup of Yugoslavia led to the debuts of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Women's badminton, baseball and judo became part of the Olympics for the first time. Basque pelote, Roller Hockey and Taekwondo are demonstration sports only.


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