Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee


July 5, 2022

Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (Japanese: , Dokuritsu Junbi Iinkai) or PPKI is a committee tasked with preparing for Indonesian independence. This committee was formed on August 7, 1945 to replace the Investigating Agency for Preparatory Work for Independence (BPUPK), and chaired by Ir. Sukarno. Permission to form this agency was granted by Hisaichi Terauchi, a Japanese marshal who was in Saigon. This body was formed before the MPR existed.

Establishment date

According to Mohammad Yamin, the PPKI was founded on August 7, 1945. However, this was denied by A. B. Kusuma, who was able to obtain authentic documents from the Investigating Agency for Preparatory Work for Independence and the PPKI. According to Kusuma, on August 7, 1945, Japan just gave permission to establish PPKI. PPKI itself was officially formed on August 12, 1945 after Marshal Hisaichi Terauchi stated that the Japanese government approved the establishment of PPKI and appointed Sukarno as its chairman.


Initially PPKI consisted of 21 people (12 people from Java, 3 people from Sumatra, 2 people from Sulawesi, 1 person from Kalimantan, 1 person from Nusa Tenggara, 1 person from Maluku, 1 person from the Chinese group). The initial composition of PPKI members was as follows: Ir. Soekarno (Chairman) Drs. Moh. Hatta (Vice Chairman) Prof. Mr. Dr. Soepomo (member) KRT Radjiman Wedyodiningrat (member) R. P. Soeroso (member) Soetardjo Kartohadikoesoemo (member) Abdoel Wachid Hasjim (member) Ki Bagus Hadikusumo (member) Otto Iskandardinata (member) Abdoel Kadir (member) Prince Soerjohamidjojo (member) Prince Poeroebojo (member) Dr. Mohammad Amir (member) Mr. Abdul Abbas (member) Teuku Mohammad Hasan (member) GSSJ Ratulangi (member) Andi Prince (member) A A. Hamidhan (member) I Goesti Ketoet Poedja (member) Mr. Johannes Latuharhary (member) Yap Tjwan Bing (member) Furthermore, without the knowledge of Japan, the membership increased by 6, namely: Achmad Soebardjo (Advisor) Sajoeti Melik (member) Ki Hadjar Dewantara (member) R.A.A. Wiranatakoesoema (member) Kasman Singodimedjo (member) Iwa Koesoemasoemantri (member)On August 8, 1945, as the new PPKI leaders, Soekarno, Hatta and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat were invited to Dalat to meet Marshal Terauchi. Things that were discussed and changed in the session on August 18, 1945 The preamble is changed to the preamble The first precept, namely "God with the obligation to carry out Islamic law for its adherents" was changed to "God Almighty" Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution which reads "The state is based on God with the obligation to carry out Islamic law for its adherents" was changed to Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution, namely "a State based on the One Godhead". Article 6 Paragraph (1) which originally reads that the President is a native Indonesian and a Muslim is changed to the President is a native Indonesian.

PPKI Sessions

Session of 18 August 1945

Ratify the 1945 Constitution. Elected and appointed Sukarno as President and Drs. Mohammad Hatta as Vice President. The task of the President is temporarily assisted by the Central Indonesian National Committee before the formation of the MPR and DPR.

Session 19 August 1945

PPKI held a second session on August 19, 1945. Forming 12 Ministries and 4 State Ministers Establishing Regional Government. Indonesia is divided into 8 provinces led by a governor.

Session 22 August 1945

1. Establishing the Indonesian National Committee

2. Forming the Indonesian National Party

3. Establishing a People's Security Agency

The establishment of the People's Security Agency (BKR) was aimed at not provoking hostility with foreign troops in Indonesia. BKR members are the association of former members of PETA, Heiho, Seinendan, Keibodan, and the like.

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