Committee of Nine


July 5, 2022

The Committee of Nine is a group formed on June 1, 1945, taken from a Small Committee during the first BPUPKI session. The Committee of Nine was formed after Ir. Soekarno gave the formulation of Pancasila. The members are as follows: Ir. Sukarno (chairman) Drs. Mohammad Hatta (vice chairman) Mr. Alexander Andries Maramis (member) Abikoesno Tjokrosoejoso (member) Abdoel Kahar Moezakir (member) H. Agus Salim (member) Mr. Achmad Soebardjo (member) Kiai Haji Abdul Wahid Hasjim (member) Mr. Mohammad Yamin (member) After making a compromise between 4 people from the nationality (nationalism) and 4 people from the Islamic side, on June 22, 1945 the Committee of Nine produced the basic formulation of the state known as the Jakarta Charter (Jakarta Charter) which contained: The Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence, which convened after the Proclamation of Independence, made the Jakarta Charter a prelude to the 1945 Constitution, by crossing out the part of the sentence with the obligation to carry out Islamic law for its adherents". by non-Muslims.