October 28, 2021

A missionary is a preacher or preacher of a religion.

Christian Missionaries

Protestant missionaries are also referred to as zendeling (from Dutch meaning mission). Missionary/Zending is intended for the spread of Christianity through the message of salvation given by God to the whole world. A missionary is a Catholic preacher while a zending is a Protestant preacher A missionary is one who has experienced the Love of the Father so much that he is compelled to share the Love of the Father that he has experienced with those who do not know God at all. A Missionary becomes like a person who loses his memory so that he forgets what is an old life, a luxurious and comfortable life, to a life that focuses on loving service to the poor, the sick, found in remote villages far from urban reach, even to the tribes that are in the interior of the forest. A missionary knows his calling well, that he does it all because of the salvation he has received not to seek salvation but to share it with fellow human beings.

Islamic Missionaries

Islamic missionaries in Indonesia came from Arabia and Persia who entered the island of Java in the early 1400s and sooner or later won the converts among the ruling class. At that time Java was still dominated by Hindu-Buddhist culture. The term for a preacher to the teachings of Islam is Da'i.

Bahá'í Pioneers

The pioneers of the Bahá'í religion can be paired with missionaries or preachers. However, they are not given special training and funding and do not apply special methods in the process of delivering and disseminating teachings.


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