List of Prime Ministers of Sweden


December 7, 2021

The Prime Minister or statsminister (head of state) is the head of Government of Sweden. Prior to 1876, when the post of Prime Minister began, Sweden did not have an official head of government. The architect behind the new Riksdag 1866, Louis De Geer became the first PM, but ironically no unofficial leadership in the government resulted in a government.

Under the 1809 Constitution

Since the 1809 Constitution there have actually been 2 positions, Minister of State for Justice or justitiesstatsminister and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs or utrikesstatsminister, but their role is solely for the head of the ministry concerned. At the introduction of a new position in 1876, the Minister of State for Justice became Minister of State (Prime Minister), while the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs was demoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Foreign Affairs continues to be given the title His Royal Highness, a title that is shared only with the PM.

Constitutional Reform

Until 1973 governmental authority was exercised in the hands of the Swedish Advisory Council when constitutional reforms provided for a new government instrument which formally established the principle of parliament and created a cabinet government . Whenever a PM resigns, dies, or is forced to step down from office by the Riksdag, the Riksdag Spokesperson asks him (or his deputy) to keep the government as the caretaker government until a successor is chosen. The spokesman held consultations with party leaders and appointed a candidate for PM, which was submitted to the Riksdag. If approved, the PM candidate chooses whichever member of the ministry is included in his government.[1] Except for the PM, government ministers do not need the approval of the Riksdag but can be forced to resign by a vote of no confidence. If the PM is forced to resign by a vote of no confidence the entire cabinet falls and the PM selection process begins again. The PM can dissolve parliament after receiving a vote of no confidence except for the first 3 months after the election.

Sager Building

In 1991 the Sager Building was built, and since 1995 has been the residence of the PM. The Sager Building adjoins Rosenbad, the chancellery of government, straight on the water front from Helgeandsholmen with the Riksdag building, and past that stretches to the Royal Palace.

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List of Prime Ministers of Sweden (1876-Present)


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