Faidon Gizikis


December 7, 2021

Phaedon Gizikis (Greek: [ˈfeðon iˈzicis]; 16 June 1917 – 26 July 1999) was a Greek soldier, and President of Greece under The Junta, from 1973 to 1974.

Curriculum Vitae and military career

Born in Volos, Greece, Gizikis made a career in the Hellenic Military as an officer. He graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy in 1939, holding the rank of second lieutenant in artillery, taking part in the Greco-Italian war and civil war in Greece. In 1967, he supported the Georgios Papadopoulos coup d'état and received a number of senior military posts during the dictatorship that followed.


He was awarded the title President of the Republic on November 25, 1973, after Papadopoulos was overthrown by the powerful regime leader Dimitrios Ioannidis. After the dictatorship fell precisely in 1974, he managed to maintain his position for four months pro tempore, until a new constitution was enacted metapolitefsi; then he was replaced by Michail Stasinopoulos. Gizikis retired from the military in 1974, right on the day of his retirement, he also became president. In 1976, a military court overturned legal proceedings against him and 88 other former officers charged with treason and rebellion for collaborating with the junta. Died on July 26, 1999 at the Military Hospital NIMTS Athens.


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