August 12, 2022

President (Latin: prae-before and sedere-occupied) is a title used for the head of an organization, company, university, or state. Initially, this term was used for someone who presided over an event or meeting (chairman); but then generally developed into a term for someone who has executive power. More specifically, the term "president" is primarily used for the head of state of a republic, either directly or indirectly elected. The president is the head of implementing legislation in a republic.


The first president in Europe was the President of France, which was formed during the era of the French Republic in 1848, while the first internationally recognized president was the President of the United States during the American revolution. The president is the head of the presidential government.


The first president in Indonesia was Ir. Soekarno (Sukarno) in Java as well as the father of the proclaimer with his deputy, Drs.Mohammad Hatta. They both proclaimed independence on August 17, 1945. This depended on the establishment of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia which became an independent state.

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