Princeton University


November 28, 2021

Princeton University, located in Princeton, New Jersey, is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in the United States. One of the country's leading universities, Princeton has renowned undergraduate and graduate fields of architecture, engineering, and international and public affairs. Research is carried out in many fields, including plasma physics and jet propulsion. The university is affiliated with Brookhaven National Laboratories. The Harvey S. Firestone Library (opened 1948) and the art museum house an outstanding collection. It was founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746, and was originally located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The school later moved to Princeton in 1756, still under its original name. Its name was later officially changed to "Princeton University" in 1896. Originally a Presbyterian institution, the university is now non-religious and does not want its students to adhere to any particular religion. Princeton is one of the schools in the Ivy League (Ivy League) and has always consistently been at the top of university and college rankings. Shirley Tilghman is the current president of Princeton University.

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