Semarang city


December 7, 2021

Semarang City (Javanese: ​ꦯꦼꦩꦫꦁ, translit. Kutha Sêmarang) is the capital city of Central Java Province, Indonesia and the fifth largest metropolitan city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. As one of the most developed cities on the island of Java, Semarang City has a population of around 1.7 million people. The Semarang mega-urban area which is part of the Kedungsepur metropolitan area (Kendal, Demak, Ungaran, Semarang Regency, Salatiga City, Semarang City and Purwodadi, Grobogan Regency) has a population of 7.3 million people, as well as being the fourth most populous metropolitan area on the island of Java, after Jabodetabek (Jakarta), Gerbangkertosusilo (Surabaya), and Greater Bandung. In recent years, Semarang's significant development has also been marked by the emergence of several skyscrapers scattered throughout the city. This regional development shows the strategic role of Semarang City on the wheels of the national economy. The city of Semarang is led by the mayor Hendrar Prihadi, S.E, M.M and the deputy mayor Ir. Hj. Hevearita Gunaryanti Rahayu. The city is located about 558 km east of Jakarta, or 312 km west of Surabaya, or 621 km southwest of Banjarmasin (via air). Semarang is bordered by the Java Sea to the north, Demak Regency to the east, Semarang Regency to the south, and Kendal Regency to the west. The city of Semarang has an administrative area of ​​373.70 sq km, as well as being the largest administrative municipality on the island of Java. Etymologically, the name "Semarang" comes from the word "sem", which means "acid/tamarind tree", and the word "arang", which means "rarely", which is combined into "rarely acid". The name "Semarang" began when Ki Ageng Pandanaran I came to an island called Pulau Tirang (near the Bergota port) and saw tamarind trees that rarely grew close together. The naming of Semarang City had changed during the Dutch East Indies colonial era to "Samarang". The city of Semarang was one of three important port centers (Jakarta and Surabaya) for the Dutch East Indies as a supplier of agricultural products from the interior of Java. Like other big cities, the city of Semarang recognizes a city area division system consisting of: Central Semarang or Central Semarang, East Semarang, South Semarang, West Semarang, and North Semarang. The division of the city area began with the division of the sub-resident area by the Dutch East Indies Government which was at the level of the sub-district. However, at this time, the division of the city area is different from the administrative division of the sub-district area. Although this city division is rarely used in the Semarang City Government. However, this city division is used to make it easier to explain a location according to its location to the city center of Semarang. This division of the city is also used by several agencies in the city of Semarang to facilitate the reach of services, such as PLN and PDAM.


Territory boundaries

The administrative boundaries of Semarang City include: The city of Semarang is one of the important cities located on the north coast of Java and as the main hub connecting Jakarta–Surabaya and cities in the southern interior of Java (Surakarta and Yogyakarta). The city of Semarang has a height from 2 meters below sea level to 340 meters above sea level with a slope of 0%–45%. The city of Semarang is a city that has a unique topographical condition in the form of a narrow lowland area and a hilly area that extends from the west to the east side of the city of Semarang. The lowland area in Semarang City is very narrow. The low-lying area in the western area of ​​Semarang City is only 4 kilometers wide from the coastline, while in the eastern area of ​​Semarang City the low-lying area is wider to 11 kilometers from the coastline. This low-lying area is a plain

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