Salih bin Fauzan al-Fauzan


December 7, 2021

Prof. Dr. Salih bin Fauzan bin Abdillah Al-Fauzan (Arabic: صالح بن فوزان بن عبد الله الفوزان,) was born in Saudi Arabia, 1 Rajab 1354 H (28 September 1933) was a Salafi sheikh and scholar. He has been an honorary member of the Standing Committee for Islamic Research and Fatwas in Saudi Arabia since 15 Rajab 1412 H.

Life history and education

Salih al-Fauzan came from the family (Alu) Fauzan from the tribe of Asy-Syamasiyah, which is a population that meets the valley of Ad-Dawasir. His parents died when he was a child and was later cared for by his family. He then learned the Qur'an and the basics of reciting (qiraah) and writing (kitabah) to Hamud ibn Sulaiman at-Tala'al, a mutqin Qari and imam of a mosque in his city who later became a judge in Dar'iyyah City in the Province. Qasim. He then entered the newly opened state school in Syamasiyah in 1369 H, then completed his basic education at Madrasah Faishaliyah in Buraidah in 1371 H. There he was appointed as a teacher in the primary school. After that, he entered Ma'had Al-'Ilmi in Buraidah when it was newly opened in 1373 AH, until he graduated in 1377 AH. In the same year, he continued his studies at the Faculty of Shari'ah of the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud in Riyadh until graduated in 1381 H. After that, he continued his studies to obtain a Master's degree in jurisprudence, then also a Doctorate degree at the same university in the field of jurisprudence.


After graduating from the Faculty of Shari'ah, he was assigned as a lecturer at an educational institute in Riyadh, then turned into a lecturer at the Faculty of Shari'ah. Furthermore, he was assigned to teach in a higher department, namely the Faculty of Ushuluddin. He was further assigned to teach in the supreme court of justice, where he was appointed chairman. And returned to teaching there after his tenure ended. He later became a member of the Standing Committee for Islamic Research and Fatwa (Kibaril Ulama) to this day. DR. Shalih Al-Fauzan is a member of the great ulama (kibar), and a member of the fiqh committee in Mecca (Rabithah branch), and a member of the committee for supervising pilgrims, while also leading the membership of the Standing Committee for Islamic Research and Fatwas. In addition, he is also an imam, preacher, and lecturer at the mosque of Prince Mut'ib ibn Abdul Aziz in Al-Malzar. He hosted a question-and-answer show on the radio program "Noorun‘ alad-Darb ", while he also participated in supporting members of the Islamic research publishing board for Islamic research, studies, theses, and fatwas that were later compiled and published. He also participates in supervising thesis participants who are pursuing master's and doctoral degrees.

Teachers and students

DR. Shalih Fauzan has taken knowledge from many great scholars (masyaikh) jurists, who are famous among them: Abdul Aziz bin Baaz Abdullah bin Humaid, Al-Fauzan used to regularly attend his studies in Buraidah. Muhammad al Amin as-Syinqithi Abdurrazaq Afifiy Salih bin Abdurrahman As-Sukaiti Salih bin Ibrahim Al-Bulaihi Muhammad bin Subail Abdullah bin Shalih Al-Khulaifi Ibrahim bin Ubaid al-Abdul Muhsin Hamud bin Aqlan Ali ’An-Nashir He also studied with some Egyptian Al Azhar scholars in the fields of hadith, tafsir and Arabic. He also studied with a number of scholars from Al-Azhar University in Egypt who are qualified in the field of hadith, tafsir, and Arabic language. The closest of them is Dzulqarnain M. Sunusi Al-Makassari.


Shalih Fauzan has had many contributions in the publication of Islamic research and some have been published. He has authored a large number of translations into various languages, among his writings are:



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