Sri Parmini


January 20, 2022

Brigadier General TNI (Ret.) Dra. Sri Parmini, M.M. (born 12 September 1956) is a retired high-ranking officer of the Indonesian Army National Army (TNI-AD). Her last structural position was as Head of the General Secretariat (Kasetum) of the TNI from February to December 2013. She is the third woman to hold the rank of brigadier general in the TNI-AD. Born into a non-military family, Sri Parmini spent her childhood in Boyolali City. She started her career as an officer in the Women's Army Corps after graduating from Sebelas Maret State University. She underwent various assignments within the Indonesian Army Women's Corps Education Center, the Security and Encryption Service, and the Jayakarta Military Regional Command before finally being assigned as an assistant officer at TNI-AD Headquarters in 2005. Four years later, she was promoted to an expert staff member of the TNI Commander. and was promoted to brigadier general. He was then transferred to Kasetum TNI and served from February to December 2013. After his term ended, he served as special staff for the Army Chief of Staff until his retirement.

Childhood and education

Sri Parmini was born on September 12, 1956 in Boyolali, Central Java as the eldest of four children. His father is an elementary school teacher, while his mother is a housewife and supports her family by trading in mining goods. He grew up and studied elementary to high school in his hometown. After graduating from high school, Sri took higher education at the Department of Social Education, Faculty of Education, State University of Sebelas Maret. Moments before she graduated from the university, Sri accidentally saw a leaflet from the Surakarta Military District Command (Kodim) regarding the opportunity to join the Women's Army Corps (Kowad) for women who had graduated from higher education. , the registration process has been closed. A non-commissioned officer named Peltu Koesnan then helped Sri to register. Sri then underwent a selection process for several days in Bandung and was accepted as a candidate for Kowad officer after being declared to have passed the selection. Sri, who had become an officer candidate, then met her parents and told them about her registration. His parents were worried because they had previously planned for Sri to become a social science teacher in Surakarta. Even though his father initially refused, he managed to convince him. Sri then returned to Bandung to pursue military education at the Indonesian Army Women's Corps Education Center (Pusdikkowad). He completed his education at Pusdikkowad and was appointed a first lieutenant in 1981.

Military career

Sri started his service in the Army in 1981 as a lecturer at Pusdikkowad. He served at Pusdikkowad for approximately four years. He was then transferred to the Army Security and Encryption Service (Dispamsanad) with the rank of first lieutenant. During his service at the Dispamsanad, Sri was promoted to captain in 1987. After serving at the Dispamsanad until 1991, Sri attended the Officers II Advanced Education course to improve his military capabilities in 1992. His rank was again promoted to major in 1993. 1995, Sri was ordered to pursue further military education at the Army Command and Staff College. She was the only female student during her studies at Seskoad. After graduating in 1996, he was transferred to the Jayakarta Military Regional Command (Kodam Jaya) as Deputy Chief of the Adjutant General of the Kodam Jaya, an implementing agency that handles personnel, administrative, and welfare issues for soldiers within the Kodam Jaya area. His appointment as Waka Ajendam raised his rank to lieutenant colonel. Deputy Head of Ajendam

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