Buffalo milk


December 7, 2021

Buffalo milk is milk produced from domesticated buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Buffalo milk is different from other ruminant milk because it contains higher levels of fatty acids and protein. The high content of fat, protein, and other soluble solids makes buffalo milk easier to process into dairy products such as cheese. Buffaloes that live in swamps will have different milk properties when compared to buffalo that live in water. Milking season and buffalo genetics are also known to cause variations in the nutritional content of buffalo milk. Buffalo milk can be processed into various types of dairy products. Typical products produced from buffalo milk include: Hot concentrated buffalo milk from India: paneer, khoa, rabri, kheer and basundi Fermented milk: forehead, dangke from South Sulawesi, dadih from West Sumatra Ricotta and mascarpone from Italy, and alkarish from Syria and Egypt utilize whey prepared from buffalo milk Soft cheese: mozzarella from Italy; karish, mish, and domiati from Egypt; madhfor from Iraq, alghab from Syria, and vladeasa from Romania. Semi-solid cheese: beyaz peyneri from Turkey Solid cheeses: braila from Romania, rahss from Egypt, white brine from Bulgaria, akkawi from SyriaCreaming from buffalo milk can be done faster because of the high fat content of buffalo milk. Butter from buffalo milk is known to have better stability than butter produced from cow's milk. Ghee from buffalo milk has a characteristic larger particle size of dissolved solids. In India, buffalo milk is processed by mixing with skim milk to reduce its fat content so that it has characteristics similar to cow's milk and is used as a substitute for cow's milk.

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