August 12, 2022

Theophilos (Greek: , Theofilos; Theophilus; 813 – January 20, 842) was Emperor of Byzantium from 829 until his death in 842 AD. He was the second emperor of the Amorian dynasty and the last emperor to support iconoclasm. Theophilos himself led the army in a lifelong war against the Arabs, beginning in 831.

Death and inheritance

Theophilos' health gradually declined, and he died on January 20, 842. Theophilos strengthened the Walls of Constantinople and built a hospital, which continued to exist until the end of the Byzantine Empire.


His marriage to Theodora, Theophilos had seven children: Constantine, co-emperor of sec. 833 until his death in sec. 835. Michael III, who succeeded as emperor. Maria, who married Caesar Alexios Mousele. Thekla, who was the mistress of Emperor Basil I. Anna Anastasia Pulcheria



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