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For an extensive measure, see the Tiles article. Spear or javelin is a weapon that is found in many civilizations of the world, mainly because of the ease of manufacture and low cost of manufacture. A spear is a weapon for hunting and war, its part consists of a stick as a handle and sharp spearheads or eyes and sometimes hardened with other materials. Along with axes, spears were the first tools made by humans and in line with the development of civilization, spearheads and axes which were originally in the form of bone or crushed stone were replaced with metal that is stronger and more durable. In Indonesia, the spear is the main weapon that is widely used by traditional Indonesian soldiers. This is mainly due to the scarcity of iron and other metals in Indonesia making it difficult to make swords. Therefore the weapons that were more commonly used in Indonesia or the Malay nations used to be weapons that used less iron than swords, namely axes, machetes or machetes, and spears. Among the weapons above, only spears are used only as weapons (including as hunting weapons). There is a kind of spear without an eye that is often used by militia in the archipelago, namely a sharpened bamboo made of sharpened bamboo without any reinforcement at the end. To deal with the traditional soldiers of the archipelago and the colonial army this is a deadly stabbing weapon because they are not equipped with armor protection.


The use of spears is not limited to the human species, chimpanzees and orangutans are great ape species recorded using spear-like tools to hunt for food. Spears were made since ancient times as a tool to help humans in hunting. The use of spears by chimpanzees suggests that it is possible that early humans made spears as early as 5 million years ago. Since 400,000 years ago, Neanderthals had made stone-edged spears, while since 200,000 years ago humans used sharpened stone spears.

Unthrown Spear/Javelin

In its use the spear can be used by cavalry (cavalry) or foot troops (infantry). The spear used by cavalry in English was called a lance while the infantry long spear in medieval times was called a pike. There is a type of European weapon that looks like a mixture of a spear and an ax called a halberd.

Names of Spears/Javes Not Thrown

Here is a list of the names of spears (untranslated) around the world:

Spear/Javelin Thrown

The spear/javelin that is thrown has the same shape as the spear that is not thrown, but the difference is how it is used, namely by throwing it. Therefore, javelins are usually lighter or at least lighter than spears. Currently, there is a world sport based on the use of javelin, namely javelin throwing.

Names of Spear/Javelin Thrown

Here are the names of the spears that are usually thrown in use:



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