December 7, 2021

An archbishop or metropolitan bishop in Christianity is a bishop who gets an appointment. In the Catholic Church and other Churches, an archbishop heads a main diocese called an archdiocese, or an ecclesiastical province in Anglican communion. The archbishop is equal to the bishop in spirituality, but the archbishop has a higher prestige or degree. The archbishop is not an ordination in itself, but is a coordinating office. Thus, a person who has been ordained a bishop is not ordained again if he is appointed archbishop; but if someone who is not a bishop at all is made an archbishop, then he must be ordained a bishop. Archbishop in Latin is called Archiepiscopus. The Latin word is derived from two Greek words, , which means "prime" or "leader", and , which means "overseer" or "supervisor". In the Roman Catholic Church, an archdiocese and several surrounding dioceses form an ecclesiastical province. This office relates to the nature of the cooperation and coordination of the bishops within the ecclesiastical province. The archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church has several privileges over the suffragan dioceses under it, which are governed by the Code of Canon Law (KHK) #436, which include the following. Keeping faith and ecclesiastical discipline strictly adhered to by the suffragan diocese. Report abuses by the suffragan bishop, if any, to the Pope. Hold a canonical visitation (formal visit), even though it is ignored by the suffragan bishop, after first obtaining approval from the Apostolic See. Appoint a diocesan administrator in the event of a bishop's vacancy, according to the norms regulated in the CRC. In cases of urgency, the archbishop may be given special duties and powers by the Apostolic See, which must be established in particular law. Can hold sacred ceremonies in all churches in the diocese under the same ecclesiastical province, as the bishop in his own diocese. And if the ceremony is held in a cathedral church, after first notifying the diocesan bishop.


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