Vesna Vulović


January 20, 2022

Vesna Vulović (Serbian Cyrillic: есна овић; pronounced [ˈʋeːsna ˈʋuːlɔʋit͡ɕ]; 3 ​​January 1950 – 23 December 2016) was a flight attendant of Serbian origin. He broke the Guinness world record for surviving a plunge without a parachute with a height of 10,160 meters. He fell from the plane following an explosion in the baggage compartment of JAT Flight 367 on January 26, 1972. According to aviation safety investigators, the trigger for the explosion was a bomb in a briefcase. The Yugoslav government suspects that the perpetrators are Croatian nationalists, but no one has been arrested. The plane crashed near Srbská Kamenice, Czechoslovakia. Vesna is the only survivor of this incident. After the incident, Vesna fell into a coma for days and was hospitalized for several months. His skull was fractured, three of his vertebrae were fractured, both his legs were broken, several of his ribs were broken, and his pelvis was also fractured. As a result of his injuries, the pelvis to the tip of his leg was paralyzed. He's almost fully recovered, but his path is still limping. Vesna stated that she had no recollection of the incident at all, so she was not afraid to fly even though she had been a victim. Although she still wanted to work as a flight attendant, JAT decided to give her an office job with the task of negotiating a cargo contract. JAT felt that his presence on board would attract too much attention. Vesna became a well-known figure in Yugoslavia and is considered a national hero. Vesna was fired from JAT in the early 1990s after she took part in anti-government demonstrations. Vesna herself was not arrested because the government was worried that her imprisonment would lead to negative publicity. Vesna continued to work as a pro-democracy activist until the Serbian Socialist Party fell from power due to the Bulldozer Revolution in October 2000. Vesna then campaigned for the Serbian Democratic Party and advocated for Serbia to join the European Union. His final years have been quiet, and he struggles with guilt as a survivor. He was divorced, so he lived alone in his apartment in Belgrade on a small pension until his death in 2016.

Early history

Vesna Vulović was born in Belgrade on January 3, 1950. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a fitness trainer. Driven by her love for The Beatles, Vesna visited the United Kingdom after completing her first year of university, hoping to improve her English skills. Back in Belgrade, she decided to become a flight attendant after seeing one of her friends wearing a flight attendant uniform. "He looks really good and has just been in London for a day," said Vesna. "I thought, 'Why can't I just be a flight attendant? I can go to London once a month'." He joined JAT Airways, the national airline of Yugoslavia, in 1971.

JAT Flight 367

JAT Flight 367 flies from Stockholm to Belgrade with stops in Copenhagen and Zagreb. The flight's secondary crew arrived in Denmark on the morning of January 25, 1972. According to Vesna, she wasn't actually scheduled to be a flight attendant on Flight 367, but something went wrong and she was swapped for another flight attendant also named Vesna. However, Vesna said that she really wanted to visit Denmark because the trip would be her first time. The crew of JAT Flight 367 will have free time to explore the country during the day and the morning after. Vesna wanted to go on an excursion, but her comrades insisted on shopping. "Everyone wants to buy something for their family," Vesna said, "so I have to go shopping with them.

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