Monkeypox epidemic 2022


July 5, 2022

An outbreak of monkeypox was confirmed on 6 May 2022 in the United Kingdom, which began when British residents traveled to Nigeria in West Africa, where the disease is endemic, and during their time there, exhibited clinical signs and symptoms consistent with monkeypox on 29 April 2022. This individual returned to the United Kingdom on May 4th, starting the index case of the monkeypox outbreak in the country.The source of some cases of monkeypox in the UK is unknown. Some monitors saw community transmission occurring in the London area in mid-May. Cases of infection with this virus have also been reported in more than 30 other countries, most of them in Europe (especially Western Europe), but also in other places such as North America and Australia. The clade in this outbreak is the West African clade which has a case fatality rate of 1% according to the World Health Organization. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control says that: "The monkeypox virus can be considered to have simple transmission between humans and can be transmitted through droplets and/or infected lesions. Transmission between sexual partners, because there is close association with infected skin lesions, is the mode of transmission. more likely transmission among male sex males in Europe."

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