The Thirsty Stone


January 20, 2022

Watu Ngalak is a historical site in the form of a large rock that stretches on the edge of the Opak River. This site is located in Puton Hamlet, Trimulyo Village, Jetis, Bantul. According to local residents, Watu Ngalak is the place where Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusumo meditated. Watu Ngalak in Dusun Puton has historical values ​​that have been trusted by the community for generations. The history of the name Watu Ngalak began when Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusumo traveled from the Pleret Palace. He followed the Opak River to the South Sea to meditate. On the way, Sultan Agung stopped at the rocks (Bukit Batu) and groped (Javanese term gremeng-gremeng) so that the location is now called Gremeng (Dusun Sindhet). When Sultan Agung felt thirsty, a child who was looking for fish gave him coconut water to drink, so Sultan Agung named the rock hill Watu Ngelak (lit. "Batu Haus"). The hamlet around the stone hill was named Puton (from the Javanese putu) which means grandson, because the child who gave him a drink was the grandson of a widow in Dadapan village, an area south of Puton hamlet. The tourism potential of this site has received the attention of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) and the Head of the Bantul Culture and Tourism Office.


In the 17th century, Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma led the Mataram Kingdom. During his leadership, the land of Java was still not planted with crops and most of it was still in the form of wilderness. People's livelihoods are obtained from trade with Western nations and natural products. Sultan Agung was worried about the survival of the people and threats from outside Java. Sultan Agung contemplated how to escape the threat, and he wanted to get a closer look at the sunset. Sultan Agung decided to go to the South Coast and meditate in order to get the idea of ​​how to free the land of Java from the yoke of the invaders. On his way to the South Coast, Sultan Agung stopped by many villages he passed and gave names to each of the villages he visited as a memory of his journey. One of the villages that caught the attention of Sultan Agung was a village that showed a beautiful light at night, namely Puton. The light that Sultan Agung saw came from a crystal stone that was reflected by the moonlight. Sultan Agung decided to spend the night in that place and wait until the sun rose. When he woke up, a small child who brought him coconut water seemed to know that Sultan Agung was thirsty. However, Sultan Agung was still thirsty and decided to drink the river water next to the rocks where he spent the night. Since then, Sultan Agung is happy at the place. It was this incident that later gave the place the name Watu Ngalak which means the stone that Sultan Agung stopped at when he was thirsty. While the settlement located around the rocks where he spent the night was named Puton, which means 'grandson' referring to a small child who had given him coconut water.


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