Widjojo Soejono


May 22, 2022

General TNI (Ret.) Widjojo Soejono (9 May 1928 – 11 May 2022) was a retired officer with a four-star rank on his shoulders. And the former Commander of Puspasus is now the 6th Kopassus for the period 1967-1970.

Curriculum Vitae

Beginning of Life

Widjojo Soejono was born in Tulungagung, East Java on May 9, 1928 as the youngest son of 15 brothers with his father Martodidjojo whose ancestors came from Surakarta and Mrs. Roesmirah whose ancestors came from Yogyakarta. Elementary school he took during the Dutch colonial era named H.I.S. Continuing to the Technical School which in the Dutch colonial era was named K.E.S., during the Japanese occupation it was called Kogyo Gakko and now called SMK I Surabaya, he was in the same class as Soewoto Sukendar who later became Chief of Staff of the Air Force with the rank of Marshal of the TNI and Widodo Budidarmo who later became the National Police Chief with the rank of General Pol. Meanwhile, the last Soemitro also has four stars and serves as Wapangab and Commander of KOPKAMTIB sitting at the same level as studying other majors. The spirit of independence that was already so vibrant in the community prompted Widjojo Soejono to leave school at the age of 17 and take part in the Training of Defender of the Homeland Voluntary Army Officers (PETA) in Bogor in early 1945. After graduating he was placed in Battalion 4, Residency of Malang. After the disbandment of PETA two days after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence, he joined his senior Soehardjo to form the People's Security Agency (BKR) at HBS Straat which is now called Jalan Wijaya Kusuma, Surabaya, units which later became TNI Regiment 33 Division VI/Narotama .

Military Career

Widjojo Soejono, Started his career and service in the military, TNI, through the education of Defender of the Homeland voluntary army officers (PETA) at the end of the Japanese occupation as Shoodancho, the equivalent rank of First Officer on June 1, 1945. Subsequently, when PETA was disbanded on 19 August 1945, and brought him to join a senior named Suharjo, a former Chudancho who built the People's Security Agency (BKR) in the city of Surabaya, to be precise in the former Hogere Burgerschool (HBS) building which is located on the road now called Jalan Wijaya Kusuma, and was the forerunner of the The 1st Regiment of the VI Division was later known as the 33rd Regiment of the Brawijaya Division. By claiming to be a year older, Widjojo was actually only 17 years old and assigned to the 33rd Regiment Staff. At the end of 1946, with the completion of the withdrawal of the British Army from Indonesian territory, the War for Defending Independence against Dutch aggression was still frontal linear. In addition to the armed forces of the Armed Fighting Troops, the Indonesian Armed Forces in East Java consists of three divisions, namely; Division V Ronggolawe, Division VI Narotama and Division VII Untung Surapati. The front of the Narotama VI Division which faced the main force of the Dutch army in the Surabaya area was a circular line from the east of Gresik to the north of Krian, which then ended in Porong. This division consisted of three regiments and the 1st regiment or later known as the 33rd Regiment, which was established from the start in the city of Surabaya, received the largest portion of the defense task. This situation took place before the name of the Army of the Republic of Indonesia (TRI) was changed to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) starting June 3, 1947.

Position History


General TNI (Ret.) Widjojo Sujono, died at 04.43 WIB at the age of 94 years at Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital due to illness and subsequently the body of the deceased was buried at the Jalan Karang Asem 1 funeral home No. 4-6 RT. 08 RW. 002 Kuningan Timur Village, Setia Budi District, South Jakarta. The plan is that General TNI (Ret.) Widjojo Soejono will be buried militarily at the Main National Heroes Cemetery, Kalibata, South Jakarta on Sunday.