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October 28, 2021

This page contains links to the Do you know templates which are featured on the main page and are automatically replaced every day. "...that in the past, Lumajang Station was a fairly busy crossing station serving nearly 300,000 passengers per year and transporting more than 23 thousand tons of goods between 1950-1953?" "...that in addition to being the main source of fish, capture fisheries are also the main source of protein found in the wild in human nutrition? Other sources of protein are obtained from cultivation." "...that it is a mitzvah ('God's commandment') for every Jewish man to write or ask him to write a Sefer Torah?" "...that shark fins are harvested by cutting the fins while the sharks are still alive?"this month

Did You Know

Did you know are interesting facts from newly created or developed articles that are displayed on the main page and updated automatically every day. Did you know your role in publishing newly created or developed articles (maximum six months old with a minimum length of 2,000 characters). The facts shown in Did You Know are derived to the extent possible from statements with references in the source articles. For the sake of variety, articles that are shown as Did You Know have never been featured on the Home Page (especially in Recent Events). Did you know that it also plays a role in reducing orphaned articles (new articles are sometimes orphaned articles) by adding links to these articles. January February March April May June July August September October November DecemberSee also: Wikipedia:The Did You Know System (proposed since 2012)

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