January 13


January 24, 2022

January 13 is the 13th day of the Gregorian calendar. There are 352 days to go until the end of the year (353 in leap years).


27 BC - The Roman Empire is divided into imperial provinces and proconsular provinces 366 - Altercatio between the Arian bishop Germinio di Sirmio and the Nicene layman Eracliano, preserved in the work Altercatio Heracliani laici cum Germinio episcopo Sirmiensi. 888 - Odo, count of Paris becomes king of the Franks 1099 - Raymond of Toulouse begins a Crusade and heads for Jerusalem 1328 - Edward III of England marries Philippa of Hainaut, daughter of the Earl of Hainaut 1435 - Pope Eugene IV issues the bull "Sicut Dudum", the first papal document condemning slavery 1610 - Galileo Galilei discovers Ganymede, one of Jupiter's natural satellites 1722 - Peter I of Russia imposes the Table of Ranks 1847 - The Treaty of Cahuenga ends the Mexican-American war in California 1854 - The accordion is patented by Anthony Faas 1874 - Ponciano Leiva is elected president of Honduras 1893 - The UK's Independent Labor Party holds its first meeting 1898 - Émile Zola publishes the "J'accuse" in defense of Alfred Dreyfus 1906 - Andrea Orlando is killed in Corleone 1910 - The Italian national football team is born 1915 - Marsica earthquake: 30,519 victims between Avezzano, Sora and the whole territory of Marsica 1928 - The Maginot Line begins to be built 1930 - The first Mickey Mouse strip is published 1935 - A plebiscite in Saarland shows that 90.3% of voters want to join Nazi Germany 1942 - Henry Ford patents a plastic car that weighs 30% less than a normal car 1953 Marshal Tito becomes president of Yugoslavia In the Soviet Union, the doctors' plot is launched, the largest anti-Semitic affair in the nation 1963 - Coup d'etat in Togo, the first African coup of an independent state 1964 - Karol Wojtyla becomes bishop of Krakow. 1972 - Prime Minister of Ghana, Kofi Busia, is ousted in a bloodless coup 1991 - Soviet troops attack Lithuanian independence supporters in Vilnius 1992 Japan apologizes for forcing Korean women to have sex with Japanese soldiers during World War II TG5 is born, the Channel 5 news program 1994 - The resignation of the Prime Minister Carlo Azeglio Ciampi takes place 1998 - Alfredo Ormando sets himself on fire in Rome 1999 - Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls announces his second retirement from basketball 2001 An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hits El Salvador. 944 dead The first case of "mad cow" in Italy was discovered in the Brescia area 2003 - The brown dwarf BA is discovered 2012 - The Costa Concordia cruise ship hits rocks 500 meters from the port of Isola del Giglio, causing a leak of 70 meters in the hull and causing 32 deaths, 80 injured and 2 missing, and the consequent total evacuation of 4229 people. on board the ship between crew and passengers 2018 - False Missile Alarm in Hawaii 2019 - Gdansk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz is stabbed and will die the following day from his injuries


There are about 1 050 rumors of people born on January 13; see the January 13th Born page for a descriptive list or the January 13th Born category for an alphabetical index.


There are around 510 rumors of people who died on January 13; see the January 13 Deaths page for a descriptive list or the January 13 Deaths category for an alphabetical index.

Holidays and anniversaries


International: World day for dialogue between religions and homosexuality Togo - Liberation Day


Christianity: Baptism of Jesus Saint Hilary of Poitiers, bishop and doctor of the Church Sant'Agrizio d

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