May 25, 2022

1509 (MDIX in Roman numerals) is a year of the 16th century.


The first shipment of slaves from West Africa arrives in Santo Domingo. Three centuries later, the inhabitants of Hispaniola of African origin will be about 800,000. Wallpaper appears in England. Ascension to the throne of the Congo by Afonso I of the Congo Juan Ponce de León, Governor of Puerto Rico April 21 - Henry VIII Tudor, King of England and Ireland May 14 - Battle of Agnadello (near Cremona). The forces of the League of Cambrai (established in 1508) defeat the troops of the Republic of Venice. 8 June - Under the command of Antonio da Filicaja, Florentine troops enter Pisa, regaining it definitively. December 27 - Wedding of Vittoria Colonna and Fernando Francesco D'Avalos. Battle of Diu (India): thanks to firearms, the Portuguese fleet wins against the Mamluk fleet.




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