May 23, 2022

1796 (MDCCXCVI in Roman numerals) is an 18th century leap year.


February 1 - February 15: a series of over thirty earthquakes hit the city of Arezzo. February 15: according to Catholic tradition, the miracle of the Madonna del Conforto in Arezzo occurs on this date. 2 March: Napoleon Bonaparte is appointed by the Directory Commander in Chief of the Army of Italy, the command of the army of the interior passes to General Hetry. March 9: Napoleon civilly marries Giuseppina widow Beauharnais. 10 April: the First Italian campaign begins. April 12: French troops beat the Austrians. April 28: Kingdom of Sardinia and France sign the Armistice of Cherasco. 9 May: the armistice between France and the Duchy of Parma is signed. May 10: French troops defeat the Austrian ones in Lodi. May 15: French troops enter Milan. The Transpadana Republic will be established in place of the former Duchy. Treaty of Paris: the Kingdom of Sardinia cedes Savoy and Nice to France. 17 May: the armistice between the Duchy of Modena and France is signed. May 20: Austria denounces the armistice of the Rhine and resumes military operations against France. 24 - 25 May: massacre and fire in Binasco in retaliation by the Napoleonic troops, about 200 victims. June 4: French general Kléber defeats the Austrians in Altenkirchen. June 5: the armistice between France and the Kingdom of Naples is signed. June 12: French troops invade the Papal State. June 23: Armistice of Bologna between the Papal State and France. Pontifical Emilia-Romagna is occupied by French troops. 4th July: French troops defeat the Austrians in Rastadt. 9 July: British troops occupy the island of Elba. July 16: French troops enter Frankfurt am Main. July 18: French troops enter Stuttgart. July 22: Connecticut Land Company appraisers name an Ohio area Cleveland in honor of the group's superintendent General Moses Cleaveland. 5 August: Battle of Castiglione August 11: French troops enter Nuremberg 16 August: Peace treaty between France and the Duchy of Württemberg which cedes its territories on the left bank of the Rhine to the first. August 18: the Treaty of Sant'Idelfonso is signed between France and Spain. August 26: Republic of Reggio Emilia. 8 September: French troops defeat the Austrian ones in Bassano. September 19: Charles, Archduke of Austria and Duke of Teschen defeats the French general Jourdan at Altenkirken, forcing him to cross the Rhine again. October 4: France denounces the armistice of May 17, 1796 and occupies the Duchy of Modena. October 5: Spain declares war on Great Britain. October 15: new civil government in Milan. October 16: the cities of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia unite in the Cispadan Republic. Vittorio Amedeo III of Savoy dies and his son Carlo Emanuele becomes King of Sardinia. November 6: Austrian troops defeat the French ones in Bassano. November 7: Tsarina Catherine II of Russia dies, she is succeeded by Paul I. November 12: Austrian troops defeat the French ones in Calderolo. November 30: the Grand Duchy of Tuscany abolishes the death penalty. December 27: the Cispadano Congress opens in Reggio Emilia in which the tricolor is adopted as the national flag of the Cispadana Republic. Edward Jenner discovers the smallpox vaccine. Scottish explorer James Bruce purchases the Codex Bruce in Thebes, Egypt.


There are about 240 rumors about people born in 1796; see the 1796 Born page for a descriptive list or the 1796 Born category for an alphabetical index.



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