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1806 (MDCCCVI in Roman numerals) is a year of the 19th century.


Egypt: the British are defeated in Rosetta by the Egyptian army. The Pasha of Egypt Mohammed Ali orders the immediate expulsion of the English troops from his land. In Germany, after the defeat of the Prussians, Saxony also entered the Confederation of the Rhine. To lose the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire is Francis II of Habsburg, who remains only the title of Emperor of Austria and who changes his name to Francis I; this leads to the formal extinction of the Holy Roman Empire (6 August). 1 January - France: the French Revolutionary Calendar is abolished. March 15 - Napoleon defeats King Ferdinand I of Bourbon and appoints his elder brother Giuseppe as king of Naples (March 30). March 22: a riot against the French breaks out in Soveria Mannelli, in Calabria, which will last uninterruptedly until 1815. June 5: Napoleon transforms the Batavian Republic into the kingdom of Holland by appointing his brother Louis as king. July 12: Napoleon constitutes the Confederation of the Rhine, including Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg, but always under French hegemony. Prussia reacts by sending an ultimatum to the French with a request to leave the German zone up to the Rhine. 2 August: with the arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte's troops, the Kingdom of Naples obtains the so-called "subversion of feudality" with law No. 130. August 6: Francis II of Habsburg formally renounces the imperial title of the S.R.I .. 8 August: Massacre of Lauria by the Napoleonic troops. August 15: thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte, Liechtenstein obtains its sovereignty. September 5: Italian enactment of the Napoleonic edict of Saint Cloud, which requires burying the dead outside the city walls. October 15: the Prussian army is confronted and defeated in the Battle of Jena. The Prussians are chased by Napoleon to the city of Berlin which is thus occupied by French soldiers. November 21: Napoleon decrees the Continental Blockade, that is the prohibition to allow the docking of ships flying the English flag in any port of the countries subject to French rule. 10 December: after a week the siege of Maratea ends and Colonel Alessandro Mandarini hands over the Castle to the Napoleonic troops led by Jean Maximilien Lamarque.


There are about 340 rumors about people born in 1806; see the page Born in 1806 for a descriptive list or the category Born in 1806 for an alphabetical index.



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