July 5, 2022

1836 (MDCCCXXXVI in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 19th century.


From 23 February to 6 March: Battle of the Alamo Founded in Houston, Texas. April 21: after the battle of San Jacinto the Republic of Texas is born. June 15: Arkansas becomes the 25th state in the US June 18 - Italy: establishment of the Bersaglieri corps by General Alessandro La Marmora. July 5 - France: Giuseppe Mazzini is arrested and expelled from the nation. 10 December - Abolition of the slave trade in Portuguese possessions 13 December - Austrian Empire: In Venice a fire, probably caused by the malfunction of a stove, destroys the Gran Teatro La Fenice.


There are about 360 rumors about people born in 1836; see the 1836 Born page for a descriptive list or the 1836 Born category for an alphabetical index.


There are about 210 rumors of people who died in 1836; see the Deaths in 1836 page for a descriptive list or the Deaths in 1836 category for an alphabetical index.



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