July 3, 2022

1910 (MCMX in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


By place


May 31: the UK parliament approves the creation of the South African Union.


November 18 - 20: start of the Mexican revolution with the Serdan brothers in the village of Puebla The Pan-American Union, a predecessor body of the AEO, is created.


August 22: The Japanese Empire annexes the Korean Empire.


11 July-15 September: trip to France of the Algerian Tuareg leader, Amenokal Moussa ag Amastan, in the context of the "Tuareg Mission". August 28: proclaimed the Kingdom of Montenegro.


Italy: Luigi Devoto founds the Labor Clinic in Milan. It is the first scientific institute in the world with the study of professional pathology as its purpose. January 29: the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Consolata is founded in Turin. January 29: Baron Giorgio Treves de 'Bonfili founds the Calcio Padova 1910 association in Padua. 1st February: foundation of the Nocerina Youth Association 1910 15 May: at the Arena in Milan the Italian national football team plays, winning, its first match in history: Italy-France 6-2. 24 June: founding of Alfa Romeo 22 March: foundation of Varese


5 October: the Republic is established in Portugal. The Braganza-Coburg family ends with Manuel II.


May 6: George V succeeds his father Edward VII as king of the United Kingdom, after the latter's death.

By topic


April 20: XXIX known passage of Halley's comet at perihelion. It had been telescopically located for some years, which is why it is classified with several years. (1P / 1909 R1, 1910 II, 1909c). May 18: the earth passes through the gas tail of Halley's comet, the "comet panic" is unleashed in a certain part of the population, with the consequent sale of the first types of gas masks and "pills against sickness. comet".


Thomas Hunt Morgan discovers that genes are located on chromosomes.

Chemistry and physics

Albert Einstein and Marian Smoluchowski propose the Einstein-Smoluchowski formula to establish the attenuation coefficient due to density fluctuations in a gas. The German scientist Theodor Wulf brings an electrometer to the Eiffel Tower and discovers the first evidence of the existence of cosmic rays. Hans Reissner and Gunnar Nordström define the Reissner-Nordström singularity. Hermann Weyl finds a mathematical solution for the special case of a point source.


January 16: A long series of torrential rains around Paris, France, causes the River Seine to flood, which inundates the city. All the lines of the Paris Métro flood, but in fact act as a drainage of water in the city.

Technology, transport and telecommunications

June 2: Charles Rolls makes the first round trip by motor airplane over the English Channel. June 22: first flight of the Zeppelin airship The first broadcast music program is broadcast. Lee De Forest broadcasts live the voice of the great opera singer Enrico Caruso from the Metropolitan Opera. Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane after taking off from a stretch of sea in Martigues in France. Henri Coandă performs the first short flight in a jet engine airplane.


May 15: at the Arena in Milan the Italian national football team plays, winning, its first game in history: Italy-France 6-2. May 24 - Argentina: in Buenos Aires Dorando Pietri runs his last marathon in 2.38'48 "2, his personal best. July 4: In the first 'big boxing match' of the century, Jack Johnson knocks out the great white hope James J. Jeffries in the 15th round