November 28, 2021

1912 (MCMXII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century.


Alfred Lothar Wegener formulates the theory of continental drift. Rimini Football Club is born. Premiata Salumeria Telesforo Fini, ancestor of Fini, the famous Italian food company, was founded. The Voynich manuscript was found near Frascati. January: Italian-Turkish War: Italian operations against Turkish smuggling in the Mediterranean. First general strike in Portugal. January 1: Foundation of the Republic of China. Italian-Turkish War: Cruise of Puglia and Calabria against Djabana. The Swiss Civil Code enters into force. 5-17 January - 6th POSDR conference in Prague. Break between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. January 6 - United States: New Mexico becomes the 47th state of the Union. January 7: The Sport Club Marsala 1912 is founded. Battle of Kunfida January 8 - Bloemfontein conference. Birth of a Bantu party in South Africa: the African National Congress (ANC). January 12 - Socialist success in the elections for the Reichstag in Germany. Conservatives got only 163 seats against 197 for progressives. Social Democratic victory: with 34.8% of the votes, 110 seats are secured, and it is the largest party represented. The day after the elections, the liberals, alarmed by the socialist victory, reject the idea of ​​an alliance of all reformers. The chancellor cannot find a majority who can vote on the reform projects. January 17: Robert Falcon Scott reaches the South Pole, one month after Roald Amundsen. He dies on the return journey. January 18: Italian-Turkish war: the Italian army repulses a Turkish attack on Gargaresch. Italian-Turkish war: the steamship Manouba is intercepted by the Agordat. January 26 - Italian-Turkish war: agreement between Italy and France on Turkish smuggling in the Mediterranean February: Negotiations between Germany and Great Britain to limit naval armaments. Germany is willing to limit its naval armaments in exchange for London's neutrality, which it refuses. Negotiations are interrupted. Portugal: the Republican party is divided into three rival parties: the Democratic Party, led by Afonso Costa (1912-1917), in the center left. To his right, the Evolutionist Party of António José de Almeida and the Unionist Party of Brito Camacho. February 7: a decree imposes conscription in the French colonies. 8 February: boycott of trams in Tunis 9 February - Italian-Turkish war: the first Eritrean battalion arrives in Tripoli. February 10 The Sáenz Peña law, an electoral reform in Argentina, establishes universal male suffrage. The children of Lawrence's strikers are placed in the care of families to allow their parents to continue the movement. February 12: Chinese emperor Pu Yi abdicates in favor of the republic and hands over power to Yuan Shikai. February 14: Arizona becomes the 48th of the United States of America. February 15: Sun Yat-sen resigns and the Nanjing assembly appoints Yuan Shikai as president, who divides ministries equally between Kuomintang supporters and his own. February 18: the Alessandria Calcio Sports Union is born. 24 February - Italian-Turkish war: the Italian navy attacks the port of Beirut. February 29: alliance between Bulgaria and Serbia March: Goutchov questioned by the Duma over Rasputin's role in the imperial court. March 1-12: The American Wollen Company ends up granting the Lawrence strikers a salary increase from 5% to 11%, 25 cents for overtime, and agrees not to take any action against the strikers. 3 March - Italian-Turkish War: Turkish attack near Derna March 4: End of Lawrence's strike, voted on by 10,000 strikers under the presidency of Bill Haywood March 7: Italian-Turkish War: Diplomatic Activities to Open the Aegean Front. Naval actions followed in the second half of March. The rep

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