November 27, 2021

1915 (MCMXV in Roman numerals) is a year of the 20th century.


On October 28, at the Dresdener Hofkapelle in Berlin, the premiere of the Eine Alpensinfonie op. 64 by Richard Strauss, one of his most famous symphonic poems.


USA: the activity of the second Ku Klux Klan begins Gray Dort, a Canadian automobile company, is founded January 13 - Italy: Avezzano earthquake February 14: the Livorno Calcio Sports Association is founded May 22: Five trains collide in Scotland in the Quintinshill train crash July 24: The Eastland cruise ship is wrecked in the Chicago dock, killing 845 people November 25: Einstein publishes the field equation of the theory of general relativity December 9-14: the Sankebetsu brown bear incident occurs in Japan

World War I

April 26: Italy signs the London Pact with the Triple Entente. 7 May: sinking of the transatlantic RMS Lusitania due to a torpedo fired by the German submarine SM U-20. May 24: Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary and thus enters the First World War. June 3: the Republic of San Marino declares war on Austria-Hungary, entering the world conflict alongside the Entente. August 21: Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire. October 14: Bulgaria goes to war with the central powers in the First World War. October 19: Italy declares war on Bulgaria. 2 December: Joseph Joffre becomes commander-in-chief of the French army.


There are about 1 560 rumors about people born in 1915; see the Born in 1915 page for a descriptive list or the Born in 1915 category for an alphabetical index.


There are about 560 rumors of people who died in 1915; see the Deaths in 1915 page for a descriptive list or the Deaths in 1915 category for an alphabetical index.


Nobel Prizes

The following Nobel Prizes were awarded this year: for Literature: Romain Rolland for Physics: William Henry Bragg, William Lawrence Bragg for Chemistry: Richard Martin Willstätter


Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis is published Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Valley of Fear is released

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