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1928 (MCMXXVIII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century.


The first edition of the historical calendar of the Carabinieri is published in Florence. The municipality of Abbadia Alpina is joined to Pinerolo. The municipalities of Sacconago and Borsano are definitively united in Busto Arsizio. The municipality of Albegno is definitively united to Treviolo after the previous union of the municipality of Curnasco. 11-19 February - Sankt Moritz, Switzerland: the II Winter Olympic Games take place Mickey makes his debut with The Crazy Airplane, Walt Disney's first short film. The Bank of Italy is reorganized, the "general manager" will be joined by a Governor. Federico García Lorca publishes Gypsy Romancero. USA: Water skiing was born in Minnesota with Ralph Samuelson. January 13 - France: construction of the Maginot Line begins Manitoba: Earle Nelson, known as "the Killer Gorilla" or "the Dark Strangler", is executed in Winnipeg, Canada. January 19: the Municipality of Capriate San Gervasio is established, following the unification of the municipalities of Capriate d'Adda and San Gervasio d'Adda. 10 February - Germany / USA: first telephone connection over the air March-April: MIAR (Italian Movement for Rational Architecture) organizes in Rome the 1st exhibition of rational architecture that promotes Italian Rationalism. 25 March - Rome: first commentary of a football match, on the occasion of the international match between Italy and Hungary. 12 April: the explosion of a bomb at the inauguration of the Milan Trade Fair, during the visit of King Vittorio Emanuele III, causes the death of twenty people and dozens of injured. The massacre remains without culprits. May 15: under the name of Aerial Medical Service, the Royal Flying Doctor Service is activated and is still operational today. 25 May - Arctic: Umberto Nobile's airship Italia crashes during the journey to the North Pole. Rescue operations mobilize half of Europe and cost Roald Amundsen's life. May 31 - Rome: the National Institute of the Blue Ribbon is elected as a non-profit organization with royal decree n ° 1308. July 3 - Great Britain: Scottish inventor John Logie Baird shows the first (technical) color television broadcast. July 12 - Italy: King Vittorio Emanuele III inaugurates the Victory Monument in Bolzano. July 31 - Netherlands: Elizabeth Robinson wins 100m at the Amsterdam Olympics. It is the first women's athletics competition in the history of the Olympics. 10 August - Italy: the municipality of Bressana Bottarone is united 12 August - Soviet Union: as a counter-demonstration to the Olympics, the Spartachiades of the Red International of Sport are held in Moscow. September 5 - Great Britain: bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovers the antibiotic effect of penicillin. September 28 - Italy: the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) is established 2 October: foundation of Opus Dei by St. Josemaría Escrivá. November 6: great eruption of Etna. Completely destroyed Mascali. November 18 - United States: Walt Disney's cartoon short Steamboat Willie screened at the Colony Theater in New York. It is the birth of Mickey Mouse. 2 December - Italy: the Province of Viterbo was established with Law no. 2735.


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Nobel Prizes

The following Nobel Prizes were awarded this year: for Literature: Sigrid Undset for Medicine: Charles Jules Henri Nicolle for Physics: Owen Willans Richardson for Chemistry: Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus

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