July 3, 2022

1948 (MCMXLVIII in Roman numerals) is a leap year of the 20th century.


Technology - Bell puts the first microwave radio link into service between New York and Boston. Culture: - foundation of the University of the West Indies.


1 January - Italy: the Constitution of the Italian Republic enters into force. January 4 - Burma gains independence from the United Kingdom. January 17 - An armistice is signed between Indonesian nationalist forces and the Dutch army. January 30 Indian pacifist leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi, is murdered by a Hindu extremist. The Fifth Winter Olympic Games open in Sankt Moritz (Switzerland). January 31 - the Constituent Assembly closes its proceedings; the 335th and last session ends at 10 pm.


February 4 - Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, gains independence from the United Kingdom. February 8 - The 5th Winter Olympic Games are closed in Sankt Moritz (Switzerland). February 16 - Miranda, a satellite of Uranus, is photographed for the first time. February 22 - Czechoslovakia: with a coup, known as the Prague coup, the Communist Party seizes power. February 28 - the last contingent of British troops withdraws from India, an independent state since 1947.


10 March - Czechoslovakian Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk dies in mysterious circumstances. 10 March - the trade unionist Placido Rizzotto dies in Corleone, killed by the mafia. March 17 The Hells Angels group of bikers is born in San Francisco. France, Great Britain and Benelux sign the Treaty of Brussels: the Western European Union is born. The treaty will inspire the formation of NATO March 20 - US Secretary of State George Marshall, in a speech at the University of Berkeley, says that the allocation of 176 million dollars in favor of Italy would have disappeared in the event of an electoral victory of the left in that country.


April 3 - President Harry Truman launches the Marshall Plan, thanks to which 5 billion dollars will be paid for the economic support of 16 states and signs the decree establishing the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA), government agency for the distribution of aid . April 9 Deir Yassin massacre in Palestine Liberal leader Jorge Eliecer Gaitan is assassinated in Colombia. The event will trigger the so-called Violencia, one of the darkest periods in Colombian history of the twentieth century. April 16 - the Organization for European Economic Cooperation is created in Paris to distribute the aid provided for by the Marshall Plan. April 18 - political elections in Italy for the first republican parliament. The Christian Democrats get 49% of the votes and an absolute majority of seats.


May 1 - 213 communist partisans are executed in Greece. 7-11 May - The Congress of the European Movement is held in The Hague. Over a thousand delegates from around twenty European countries discuss new forms of cooperation in Europe and speak out in favor of a "European Assembly". 11 May - Luigi Einaudi is elected President of the Italian Republic by the assembled Houses of Parliament on the fourth ballot. May 14 - Tel Aviv: the Jewish National Council proclaims the founding of the State of Israel. This date will be remembered by the Palestinian people with the term Nakba ("Catastrophe"). May 15 - Military contingents from Egypt, Transjordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia attack Israel. What Israel will call the "War of Independence" will cost the new state the lives of 6,000 civilians and soldiers (1% of Israel's entire Jewish population). The conflict developed in three main phases, interrupted by two truces decreed by the United Nations: the first from 15 May to 11 June; the second from